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At the Suggestion of Our BossWrench! Machined from Solid Stainless Bar, Not Tubing! With a Extra Thick Wall to Last Forever! They Hammer into the Block just like the Original, with a Perfect Fit! The Cost of Steel and My Time is $35. and the Shipping is FREE! You'll only have to Purchase This Barb Once in Your LifeTime! PM Me if You wish to Purchase this 'One of a Kind' Part.



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I still have the original barb in my block. I read somewhere that getting the old one out is a bitch and that I should just leave well enough alone.

Everything else in my cooling system the tubes, hoses and water pump I have replaced. This barb seems like a potential weak link due to some day leak.

Is there a way to remove the original barb without drilling it out?
How about a pic or 2 of your new barb?
6 The rest of these Pictures show the Stainless Barb next to the Original 'Type'. Can You tell the Difference? I don't know where the Plated 'Mild' Steel piece was made, and I really Don't care, now there's a replacement! The 'cheap' piece has a thinwall with flashing around the rim that appears to look thicker than it really is. The Stainless is Polished to a Perfect Fit!
Right to the .001"!
Are there any other Questions?


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