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I need longer studs for my new starter. The original studs are M10 X 1.5 pitch.

I purchased new longer studs also M 10 X 1.5.The strange thing is that the new studs will not thread into the bell housing. ½ turn and they bind. My first thought was the pitch is wrong. But the test gauge at the hardware store and using a M10 X 1.5 nut shows that they are the same and correct.

So why would the OEM stud thread back in by hand and the replacements will not. But the size and pitch are the same? Confused

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I had the same experience when I put on my high torque starter. I checked and double checked everything. I even ran a thread chaser (I think that is what is called) through the hole to make sure the threads were not messed up.

I eventually just ended up using two bolts instead of one bolt and one stud (that's how mine was set up orginally when I bought it). Why a bolt would thread and the stud would not I have no idea, but the pitch and diameter of the stud and the bolt where the same per my “Snap-On” pitch gauge set.
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