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Hi Team, currently rebuilding European GTS 4907, the front rotors are pretty thin < 19mm [original DT).
Will take them to TÜV/MOT etc. for INNITIAL inspection.

I understand ORIGINAL Rotors are Very expensive.

Need advice:
If I go for the ORIGINAL Series 2rd VENTED GTS rotors do I NEED to MODIFY the Calipers? ????
Any other change required?

Ok understand the 2 layers of metal sheet distance “xx” need to go away…NO ISSUE with that.

I tried “modified” OTHER rotors from Opel /GM…unfort. Does not work as off-set is too much.
Please help!

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Matthias, adapter discs may be necessary to use 'other' brands of rotors; these are simple flat drilled & machined discs of varying thicknesses. I run Brembo ventilated rotors 11.2" OD- same as stock Pantera. These rotors are stock for a 911 Porsche, are locally available and need a 1" thick spacer to fit a Pantera. Along with the Porsche rotors, I use U.S made Wilwood Superlite 2 aluminum front calipers. To adapt them, a single tapped hole needs to be added to your front spindle for each caliper. Non-stock braided stainless steel AN dash-3 flex hoses are another change and need specific fittings to work in Panteras.

The stainless flex hoses are stronger than stock and do not swell under high pressure- which can be as much as 1100 psi under hard braking. Not swelling means the response time is less between when your foot pushes on the brake pedal and the time the caliper squeezes hard on the rotor. Wilwood calipers are considerably lighter than stock iron Girlings, and the vented rotors also are lighter.

Less weight in the brake area means that while going over bumps, the tire spends less time in the air where there is no traction.... All these parts have been on our street Pantera for decades giving zero trouble but really superior stopping power. Pantera Performance Connection in Nevada sells already-adapted Brembo rotors and similar aluminum calipers as a kit for street Panteras. They should be as cheap or cheaper than stock.
The caliper conversion details don't show here but along with the brakes, I've done a few(!) other things to the front end, as seen in the attached pdf from an old POCA Newsletter. Years ago, I started lightening this car for better mileage & handling while retaining the stock body look. So far, we've lost nearly 600 lbs and most people do not notice any of the changes.

But beware, Albany- Pantera modification is a very slippery slope that you're venturing out upon...


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