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First off, I’m a complete idiot when it comes to electrical/wiring... just so we get that out of the way when you read this. I’m replacing the old stereo the previous owner had in the car, which worked, with a more modern Pioneer head unit w/amp that I had in another car. The old stereo was only connected by the single power wire which has the “radio” label in the picture (it’s purple). 2A3D5BD7-6232-4556-A469-C2D04A78DFC6Ive now connected that to the red power wire from my new head unit but nothing happens. I assume the issue is the yellow wire from head unit which also needs to be connected... I thought this yellow wire is the “always on” connection for memory functions etc. but I’ve also read that its for the ignition. Where do I connect this??

Also, is the Black wire that’s with the purple power wire ground? I didn’t trust it so I connected the new ground elsewhere. 

Thanks. And again, assume you’re talking to a 5year old. 


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  • 2A3D5BD7-6232-4556-A469-C2D04A78DFC6
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I believe the radio comes off of fuse number eight. Make sure it is still good and hasn’t perhaps been blown due to a wiring mistake. Also check the single fuse in the radio harness

I also think fuse number eight is a constant hot but that may not be the case. To eliminate confusion try testing with your key in the off position and then in the run position

have you taken a voltmeter to confirm you actually have voltage between your purple wire and your grounding location?





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It’s a Pioneer DEH-x8700, and in my GTO I had it installed in the yellow wire was the continuous power for the presets memory or connected to the ignition so it turned on with the car... I can’t remember which though. That’s why I’m wondering if there’s somewhere I can tap into ignition power on the Pantera to see if that’s the issue...

I believe Fuse 8 is always live as it is for the hazard, courtesy lights & radio. The wiring for that Pioneer unit should be red = power via ignition circuit, yellow = 12V constant (i.e. fuse 8), black = ground.

You should be able to tap into the ignition block behind the steering column, the yellow wire should be live with ACC & RUN.

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