this car was listed once before and never hit the 28,000 dollar mark, listed a week later and sells for that much, something doesnt seem right to me, out of no where panteras are all of a sudden worth huge dollars? that car was a 28k car all day long, but i guess a car is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and over pay is what they did
Doug you hit that nail right on it's head. People gotta learn to roll with the changes. The Pantera has been discovered after all these years. We just got to hope that rich people will stay out of it, cause they will freeze all us lesser humans out. The Pantera was the Ford GT of the 70s. Retro is cool now and it is causing prices to move. Dave is moving cars so fast he can't get the pictures posted before it is sold.
Doug I think the price rise is a two edged sword. Now you feel like you have to keep the car up better than ever, which means you spend more bucks, but now the car is worth it so you buy real expensive stuff for it, until finnaly you sell it to keep from going broke, and then you find you can't buy another one cause you don't have enough money and you wind up driving a miata. Eeker
most people who know panteras wont pay the money as they know what it is worth, thats why most of the high price cars do not sell for any amount near of what the asking price was, that blue low mile car on ebay a few weeks ago barley got past 27k so now a few weeks later its worth 45-50k i dont think so, i think this price surge will die off in a month or two, im not bashing anyone thats just my opinion as we are all entitled too one,
I agree that the pantera marque is getting more play and commanding a higher resale amount. I also believe that if you are fortunate to own a rare p-car GT-5, GT5s, group 4, low mileage or just an exceptional p-car, those vehicles will have even more of an appeal to pantera owners and non pantera owners.These p-cars will probably command the high end of the selling curve 75k, 85k, 100k ???
Time will tell if any of us are right on what we expect the market to do.

I think if a car needs a little tlc you end up with people who are wrench turner looking at the car. If a Pantera needs nothing and is in top notch shape, you open up the market to a whole group of people who are willing to spend $$ but couldn't even change a spark plug.

Absolutly Gary. There are guys out there right now actualy making money buying Cobra kit cars, building them, and selling them to rich people complete. It is a cottage industry. Now these guys are not making tons of money, but they make enough that by the time they build the third one, it is free for them to keep themsleves. I am not making this up either.
Originally posted by LF - TP 2511:
Overpriced by about $10K, at least.


I agree. Just a few pictures and no "meat" in the ad regarding maintenance or updates done to the car. Personally, I doubt it even sold. It is ebay after all..
The problem I see is that you guys have a big population than most
places around the world, and that drive on the wrong side of the road.
If in my case your car is right hand drive there weren't many built, so over
here it is not uncommon for a P car reach on average about $90k to 140k.
Your price $63k to $99k US.
Nothing less than that....
Originally posted by wpl:
Guys, Don't you think that these same buyers wish to buy turnkey cars that do not need any work if you will. The vehicle has been gone thru and ready to be driven.

Of course wpl. But you also have to realize some of these cars have had over one hundred thousand dollars put into their restoration. It is only natural to want something for nothing. YOu can't really expect those guys to turn around and take such a huge loss when they usualy don't even need to sell their cars. Now a car that needs a lot of work, sells for less because it will take a lot of money to get it to the standard they want. I know there are people out there who like to fix things and some of them like it so much they do take a loss when they sell and buy their next thing to work on. BUt those guys are few and far between. When you find one of them, you need to thank God he made people like them. Big Grin
Originally posted by PanteraDoug:
Isn't it strange how stupid people are with money?
Why would some one spend over $100,000 on a restoration knowing that the car was only worth $35000?

LOL, Hey Doug, that would be me! I just put 30K in an MGB!:

Check out my restoration:

I doubt I could get $20K if I tried to sell the car. I don't however have any intention of selling it.But it is my creation. Maybe it will have 10-15K more then what it's worth when done but it is what I wanted. If I wasn't doing that I could have been wasting the money on something else (golf, Vegas).

I think the problem is in pursuit of a dream it often ruins the dream. Often after people put so much money, time and effort into a car they simply get burned out with it, it causes them to have new dreams and are ready to m,ove on to the next dream. I know why people do it but no it doesn't make much sense.

What I should have done with my life..... Graduate high a hemi cuda..put it in storage.....worked at the post office for 25 years.. Sold the hemi Cuda.... Retire in paradise as a multi millonaire..If i think back to some of the cars i had owned and sold..70 1/2 Z28, 64 Corvette conv. Sad...The day after I sell my Pantera, then they will be worth big money. I am glad i bought mine when i did. I'm saving for another...
I wouldn't have been old enough but after WWII, a lot of warbirds were sold for the cost of the fuel in their tanks. P-51's now sell for 1-5 million depending on condition and history. There was an old tale of a man in Texas who has hid several old warbids in a cave. Never heard if it was true:

Originally posted by PanteraDoug:
Isn't it strange how stupid people are with money?
Why would some one spend over $100,000 on a restoration knowing that the car was only worth $35000?

Because when they are all done the have a car exactly the way they wanted it. They know every nut and bolt in that car, the artistry is the work of their own hand, their own vision. When they take it to car shows and watch people oogle it, lust after it, they know they are being complimented on their abilities and vision. They do this with no intention of selling it. They think they will drive it until they die. But then the wife gets pissed that he is spending too much time with the car and his buddies. She thinks he must be having an affair if he is away so much, or the guy gets cancer and the doctor says he only has a couple good years left, and he starts thinking about the whole his death will leave behind for his family to deal with, or maybe he gets transfered, or loses his cushy job, or he is a surgeon and his alchoholism finally catches up to him. Anyway he winds up having to sell that which was a labor of love, and some dickhead says he will only give himm 10,000 dollars for it and he better take it because he will not get a batter offer, and some other guy offers him three chrysler minivans and a yamaha 650 for it, and yet another guy comes along and wants to test drive it alone for a couple days before he will consider buying it.
That is why someone would put 100K in a car that isn't going to resell for that much. At least it might be one reason.
There was man in our town who spent his lifetime collecting Volvo's. He died last year and his son called in the crusher and scrapped a liftime of collecting for scrap. I watched these cars get pulled from the woods, many, many from the old round body all the way up to late 80's wagons. His son could have sold Volvo parts for life...........CRUSHED....must have been 200 cars. I'm putting a reverse mortgage on my car.
I wish you lots of good luck on your project. You have more courage then I.

I actually had looked at a thief/recovery that was a lot worse then this one.
It had been laying in the mud, about 6" of it, for a couple of years before it was auctioned off for $7500.
In all honesty, the only salvageable piece was the ZF, maybe.

I'm sure that even the bottom 6" of the car were completely rotted out.

It had to be dragged up on the flatbed with a winch and parts were falling off of it as they did it.

Had it been stored correctly it would have been rebuildable.
I can't believe how stupid the recovery people were.

I thought it was worth $500. What do I know?
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