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Judge, the black Illustrated Parts & Accessories Manual published in the '80s shows illustrations of all FIVE stock exhaust systems (Pg 33 of 88). Note the tips of later ones come straight out while early rigs exit at an upward angle. People who customize their rigs are sometimes surprised- like one owner of a GT-5 that liked the look of the early angled tips, once ran his car in an open road event held several times per year. At very high speed/rpms for some 30 minutes, the scorching-hot exhaust was forced back against the tail of the car by the trailing airflow swirl and MELTED both taillight lenses! Much the same would probably happen to fiberglas rear bumpers. The setup lasted fine at street speeds

All such Parts Manuals for DeTomaso cars are available in the POCA Archives for free download to club members- you must first access the web site to reach the archives. Some vendors also sell such publications.

If you mean Pantera Performance, yes, owner Dennis Quella is excellent.  I haven't needed parts in a while, but I have seen some comments that at least for a while it was hard to get a person on the phone, between one of the main longstanding front office workers retiring a couple years ago, and perhaps also now the pandemic.  But it sounds like you're getting through just fine.

Browse to and select Tech Articles. One of their members did a nice article a decade ago on the infamous 2200 rpm exhaust resonance, that shows (pg2) a pair of ANSAS cut open at the start of the mod.

ANSA was sold many years ago and the new owners at the time 'recreated' Pantera mufflers. Thus the OEM and replacement innards are different mostly in the geometry of the perforated pipe connections inside. ANSA is still in business in Italy. And of course the GTS mufflers are also different inside and out. Std. ANSAS had a large steel washer tack-welded across the outlet pipes inside the muffler bodies as a 'final sound baffle'. Time, vibration and several of us owners with lengths of pipe & a hammer busted the washers off for an extra 10 horses. Those mufflers play "Jingle-Bells" at idle unless you finish the job by cutting the tops off & fishing the loose pieces out.

Pantera mufflers have a difficult job- we're trying to route exhaust gasses from 350-up horses at up to 6500 rpms thru a couple of boxes the size of your kid's lunchbox, while maintaining 92 dB sound levels out the back. Without losing too much power. Decent quietness drops about 50 bhp while freer flow radically increases the noise outside and causes unwanted police attention. Radio Shack and copycats market cheap dB meters that police and racetrack owners use daily. Buy one or you're just guessing. Good luck.

I'm unaware of ANY packing used as-stock inside any ANSA mufflers. Those open voids were... open. People trying to alter the stock system often cut them open and reangle the baffles and stuff the voids. Stuffing soon blows out no matter how aerospace-techy it is. Hundreds of thousands of high pressure high temp exhaust pulses per drive around town can even split the steel cases if they aren't corrugated/reinforced.

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