I know of at least one T-top like modification.  White car, last in Florida, if I remember correctly.

Scrolling thru the "Condition=Modified-Body" list of the registry returns almost 500 cars, then scrolling thru this list and selecting each Florida location, with a white body ->     Bingo!  ->  Pantera L   #5466.

You already have 'shared' access to the registry Peter ?


I thought about it, but it requires a lot more than just cutting the roof. Find as much information as you can on the Pavesi Targa Pantera's they had a one piece removable roof panel and under body strengthening rails to prevent structural collapse of the unibody. You should be able to carefully cut the roof and reuse that panel (or purchase a separate replacement roof panel) rather than try and adapt something.

If you have a basket case requiring a full rebuild you could probably add the strengthening inside the rocker panels.

It is very difficult unless you are willing to do extensive modifications to the platform. I had the first Pavesi GT5-S targa  in my shop in 1986 and there was a very thick 3/8 ' 7 inch flat bar welded into the rockers and up into the hinge and latch posts. Additional gussets were added to help with floor any foor twist.    Good luck

thank you for your feedback, actually i have replace the outer rocker panel the center looks ok should i double down on the center rocker ))  i was thinking of a T top from firebird roof so i can use the roof reinforcement from it, any suggestion is appreciated thank you

i am 6.1 it would be easier to get in and out use it only the summer time by a lake side would be confi )))  thanks Peter


You may want to consider dropped floor pans and moving the pedals forward both will give you additional leg and head room. Making the roof open is a huge undertaking but again anything is possible.       PM sent.

What is 3770?   Just curious.

Agree with Jules and Kirk. The first Targa done in So-Cal way back in the '80s  before Pavesi did it for DeTomaso needed racing seatbelts installed. Punching the throttle in the lower gears resulted in both doors popping open from monococque distortion! It took a year to stiffen up the chassis enough to make the car safe to drive. Beautiful and powerful but scary. Don't do this unless you have much sheetmetal experience or you'll just ruin another Pantera. They're not making them anymore, you know!

Forgot these two- #7410 ('75 Euro GTS) had a factory documented, removable single panel steel roof. Headroom was more limited than stock as the water drains, panel mounts etc. cut into driver/passenger clearance.  OK for short drivers. And pushbutton  #1027 in NSW Australia has a narrow electric retracting sunroof closely resembling an adapted Honda Civic unit. Same headroom problem only more so. No photos or details of either.

 Not exactly T-tops but interesting with twins---I assume they pop up? Looks like nice fit work.  That approach would work fine since it does not cut into the A pillar structure so it would not have any effect on the overall platform integrity. 

Jack,   I do not recall ever being paid for any air cleaner. Is this the one that was offered on 8/15/18 at 10:43?   A bit embarrassing to be accused of loosing your air cleaner though.  Yes I still have it but shouldn't this thread be about Targa top conversions questions?  

Please contact me direct at my AmeriSport email address.  

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