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Well, after a winter of sorting little issues I put the motor back in #6214 to finally enjoy a bit of racing and was looking forward to some cruising with Peter at the end of summer. Long story short I would up with 2 spun main bearings due to fuel dilution in the oil. The motor came back out and is currently at the machine shop getting all fancied back up. While all of this was going on I realized I had too many projects on the go. The Meteor has been a great car but I simply do not have time to get it to the level I want. This left me in a quandry as to what I was going to do with #6214. I have far too much blood, sweat, tears into it to even think of getting rid of it so I decided the Meteor had to go. The car itself isn't worth a whole bunch but it did have a 2011 Coyote crate motor in it with about 2000 miles on it. Don't get me wrong, I love my 412CI Windsor but even at the power levels it was at it was nothing compared to the enjoyment I got out of playing with the Coyote. This brought me to my current plan. I am sure you see where this is going but I have decided to put the things I loved about both cars into one. The Coyote is going into #6214. Most everything will be staying the same otherwise. I am keeping the turbo setup but will be upgrading the Coyote to handle the boost levels I will be shooting for. My SVO motor will be put up for sale as well once the repairs are done. I plan to document the entire process and will share whatever information I can. Wish me luck.
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I am very excited about this new project, Blaine. I know the end product will have the rest of us prostrating ourselves before your engine bay and chanting, " We are not worthy!".

I am, however, hoping you will be done by spring so that we can finally go for a good cruise somewhere that you can make use of all those ponies and reward yourself for all the hard work.

I will be stopping by the shop to check on your progress and to offer encouragement.

- Peter
I am planning to have this in ASAP Peter but I don't know if it will make next spring. You know me. I cant just plop it in there. The fact that the shop sucks up so much of my free time really slows down progress on my own stuff. The block will be sent off to be sleeved and has some nice forged internals in its future. I also have to sell my original motor to accumulate the necessary funds for the build/swap. I plan to build my own intake manifold and oil pan which will likely involve a hefty amount of CNC work and will take some time. Spinning the bearings did majorly suck as the whole system was working flawlessly and it was going to be a good year but this will allow me to do something that I have wanted to do since the Coyote was unveiled. There will be plenty cutting and rewelding as I plan to sink the engine as low as possible and push it as far forward as I can. I will also have to rework my entire turbo system and layout but once I am done weight and balance should be more favorable than before. Heck, while I am cutting and welding I might as well take care of my rear camber. I toyed around in the garage all day yesterday measuring this and that and getting some ideas on where to go next. The adapter bellhousing is already on the way and the firewall has been marked for cutting. I will likely start cutting this weekend.
No real updates yet. I just got the Pantera over to the shop today. Thanks to Peter for the use of his trailer. I did get my bellhousing this week. I am mostly in the measuring and ideas phase. I will likely remove the entire firewall and rebuild it around the roll cage. This will allow me to get a nice sealed rear window which I havent had in a while as my rear cage supports pass through the rear window opening. All of my fabrication equipment is at the shop so I can get going in my free time. We even have a cnc waterjet company in the same complex to take care of all of my tabs and mounts. Sorry Evan. They win just because they are so close.

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