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With the November PCNC newsletter now out and ‘on the stands’, attentive readers will come across an article about my recent attendance at this year’s Monterey weekend.

And long term deTomaso Family members may still remember ‘yearling’ Larry’s “famous off-road adventure“ that occurred in late 2003.

Well, I made it almost 12 years without an accident…….. until August 12, 2015 just outside Carmel Village.

Daylight, dry, two lane curvy mountain road. Tighter than expected right-hand turn. Too high entry speed and subsequent understeer saw 2511 over the double yellow at the same time an oncoming 1999 Subaru Legacy was entering the space I was entering.

Thankfully, the driver and passenger in the Subaru suffered no injuries. I had 2511 towed to the parking lot at the PCNC event lodge where it sat until it’s flatbed trip home on Sunday. Each evening I would entertain the Monterey folks with my heavily bruised but fully functional left arm, that took on a Mr. Poppin Fresh balloon-like swelling after each day’s events. Turned out, when I finally got X-rays two weeks later, I had a “non-displaced fracture of the radial styloid” which is that bump on the inside of your wrist. Quien es mas macho? Big Grin

I’ve spent hours under, above and around the car, still in my garage, inspecting every nook and cranny. As best as I can tell, a low Pantera involved in a 45-degree head-on into the higher Subaru equals no ‘frame’ or suspension damage to 2511 of any note. Subaru LH fender impacted front-center on 2511. A lot of impact force seems to have been absorbed by grill, radiator, headlight bar etc. with the rest being carried into the body through the fenders.

The front sheet metal, windshield forward, IMHO “just” needs to have a zillion spot welds drilled out and new sheet metal put back on. The accident’s rearwards force impacted the A-pillars, raised the front edge of the roof a bit and left some other rear body distortions. There is no doubt 2511 will be spending time on a frame alignment machine to pull some sheet metal back into proper position, but after having viewed extensive photos, my chosen shop has assured me the damage can be repaired.

After talking with many members of the deTomaso Family for their wisdom and advice, I’ve decided to have the repairs done at Denny Finn’s Auto Restoration, located in Oregon between Salem and Portland. Denny’s shop is well-equipped, and includes a two-post frame machine, full metal fabrication facilities and full body and paint capabilities, allowing for a totally in-house repair of 2511. Denny not only owns a Pantera and is a POCA member, he currently has three other Panteras in his shop, one being “Pandora” owned by Chris Kimball.

State Farm treated me 100% correctly after my 2003 accident, and so far their actions for this accident have been supportive.They have already agreed to arrange and pay for the 700 mile transport to Denny’s shop. Denny has a lot of prior experience with State Farm and believes the repair estimate process will go smoothly. The devil is always in the details, but I will continue to be optimistic until I have reason to feel otherwise.

While I obviously come up short in being a truly responsible “caretaker” of 2511, I nonetheless still understand the responsibilities that come with that temporary position. It is my intention that as long as 2511 CAN be repaired it WILL be repaired, even if that requires substantial funds of my own to augment what State Farm eventually pays out.

For photos, details and more on my latest adventure, you can view this website I created:

Larry - here’s one photo to whet your ‘appetite’ ---- note the lack of damage to the front spoiler


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You are a brave and dedicated man Larry. I congratulate you on your quest to bring 2511 back, and am happy that you escaped serious injury in that major-looking accident. Given the extent of the damage, it seems that, as unlucky as you were, you were rather lucky.

Good luck with the rebuild!

Larry, Larry, Larry, that ain't gonna' buff out. You saved some paint from the last time right?

Yikes! Who's got fenders for these now? I dun'know?

I can't look any more. This is too painful?

State Farm better come through. They didn't for me. I'm worried for you.

My Jamaican friend just told me, "you too tense mann, you need to chill, have some of my herb mann".

Geese! Roll Eyes
You were very lucky to find all that front-end sheet metal. Very cool.
I seem to remember that there was a post some time ago on the POCA forum with a set of front fenders for sale. It may be two years ago, but they may still be available.

If you can't find complete front fenders, the top part of the fenders are still available in europe, either through Roland Jaeckel or RS Corse in Modena. A good metal fabricator should the able to straighten the side part of your damaged front fenders and weld them new top-fenders.

Huge respect to you for rescuing the car - many probably wouldn't.

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