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I have been looking at a 74 Pantera that has been on eBay for a while and would like to know if anyone has any information on this car.  I’m on the East coast and cannot readily get out to the West coast to check it out.  The ad says it’s been a Washington state car since sold originally.

Attached is a picture of the car.

thanks, Dan


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Lot's of pictures on ProvaMo - I don't know if that helps you a lot, because you probably don't have pictures to share to get access, but....  if you can get access, you might want to check out some of the older pictures posted there.

It looks like this car has spent a long time in a storage container in Washington. 

Looks very original, and it certainly shows well on the outside.

Good Luck - maybe you should consider either joining POCA, and check with the Pantera's Northwest chapter, or see if you can find someone on this board in the local area of the car to go and check it out for you.

My recommendation (after seeing the pictures) is that you would really want to have someone who knows what they are looking at to thoroughly go over the car before you put any money down.

I'm not saying anything good or bad about this car - I know nothing about it.  It may be a smoking deal.

Good Luck -


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I would Definitely  join and get access to the provo site and take a good look at the pictures when the car was taken out of storage. Not sure what you are looking for project or done car but I have a nice 72 just did a full bare metal take down over the summer and its in prime orig a white car. call or text if you want some info  adam NJ 908-6740244 Happy Holidays

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