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Finally making progress.

This is the 1st leg to Michigan and then to Atlanta.

It's  taken  a month but Reliable was the only Transporter I was comfortable with.

They handle all the big Auctions and Collections but Small Fries like me have to wait a month to be served.

It was suppose to arrive in time for my Birthday July 20th (Not Gonna Make It)

"Life in the Collector Car World"



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I bought mine out of a "collection", so while very good looking, it hadn't gotten all the constant TLC that it really needed.  We did a few things to get it up and running, and will be doing much more going forward in both preventive maintenance as well as improvements!

Already Done

1) Carb was leaking (cracked gasket, old carb), replaced with new Holley Street HP 650cfm.  Works great, even untuned at altitude, but will get it dialed in on a dyno shortly.

2) Fuel pump was shot.  Replaced with identical holly-like unit as a short term fix until I completely redo the fuel system with new PFTE hoses and RobbMc pump.

3) Thought clutch slave seals were shot, but after a good flush/bleed it seems to be holding well and have a nice strong clutch (will keep a close eye on it in the short term).

To Do

1) As mentioned above, I want to redo the whole fuel delivery system.  The generic chrome pump I bought is working fine, but I just don't trust in the long term.  Also has several rubber hose sections that I want to upgrade and am using the holley duel inlet fuel line (its garbage) that needs to be replaced.

2) I cracked the clutch master cap after filling/bleeding, so need to replace that (anyone here have a spare lying around???)

3) Tires are anywhere from 10-20 years old with plenty of dryrot, so I already have a mismatched set of 245/24/16 and 335/35/17 from Pirelli that are being installed on Wednesday.

4) Want to get the rest of the fluids changed/flushed; brakes, coolant, oil, etc.




Wow Impressive.

It sounds like this Pantera finally has the right owner.

My Pantera is having trouble getting into gear.

It had a strong Bunt clutch smell when delivered by Reliable Carriers.

I'm hoping they didnt destroy the clutch completely.

Any suggestions on how I can check between an abused clutch and one that need replacement.


perryh posted:

Thrillrider - I am in Atlanta as well.

Let me know if you take it out.  I'd like to see it sometime.

Mine (1418) is still waiting for me to get it running but I hope that will be soon.


Is your Pantera the Burgundy  one I've seen at C & O and is also featured on Prova Mo ?

I am trying to get my Pantera ready for the September C & O

I think the Clutch is gone !

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If you are having problems with your gearbox, and clutch as delivered from the carrier, those boys were joyriding it around.

There was a problem like that with MatG from a car that was sold out of AZ.  The shipping guys damaged the car, burnt the clutch, and destroyed the ZF Synchros.  It cost 10s of thousands to fix.

You need to get with your carrier IMMEDIATELY and file a claim.

Don't drive it any more - it weakens your claim.



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