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While this topic has been raised before, I find it often overlooked and a potential source of horsepower on many Panteras. The stock Pantera throttle cable bracket, that attaches to the intake manifold, holds the cable to low on many manifolds to allow the carburetor throttle shaft to pivot enough to open fully.

One solution is to modify or fabricate a bracket that will raise the height, off the intake, that the bracket holds an end of the throttle cable's housing. I've attached a pic of a bracket I fabricated last night. I use a string to help me set the height and insure that I can achieve full open throttle plates when pulled. I made about 5 of these things for my cars and local owners as I rarely see acceptable geometry. I doubt that I've made any of them exactly alike. However, I am keen on the extended metal bent arm that provides a gentle curve for the throttle housing. The notches on the arm are to allow me to Zip tie the cable to the bracket without the ties slipping over time. This curve keeps the cable from bending sharply after the bracket when the gas pedal is depressed. I believe it contributes to an easier pedal and less wear on the inner sheath of the housing. Our more creative fabrication guys may have a better approach.

Of course, if you don't have access to a welder, you can get most of the benefit from adding washers under your stock bracket to raise it's height. However, you will notice that the more you raise the bracket, the sharper the bend in the cable housing that occurs just forward of the bracket.



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Tying the cable housing to the bracket I found to be important. After machining my bracket and trying it out I blipped the throttle linkage on the throttle body and had the housing slip out and hang up keeping the throttle open. Not good! Had to shut the engine off to fix it. Then I imidiately safety wired it in place.


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