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Unless you tie down the rear decklid, definitely forward. The latch really isn't designed for resisting highway speeds. Use tire tie-downs to allow for suspension travel. Don't use the tie down on the front for your primary securing point. It WILL bend under load. Haven't used a U-Haul trailer but remember these cars aren't very tall. Don't know if the wheels/fenders will interfere with opening the door.

I'm talking about a 2 axle trailer - U-Haul calls it an Auto Transport - as opposed to a dolly. I chose the open rental trailer rather than use my enclosed box trailer for the 5 hour drive simply just because I rarely use the trailer and I figure Rt. 95 in the NYC area is not the best place to get my licks back. Plus, I can do a one way rental and not have to drag the empty trailer home.

FWIW, I reserved a trailer at a local U-Haul. When I arrived to pick it up, it was not available. They called all the other area U-Hauls, and none were available. I was not a happy camper to say the least. U-Haul finally offered the use of a dolly for free. I didn't want to use a dolly, but I was desperate since I had to pick up the Pantera that weekend.  So, we hooked up the dolly, and off we went. No issues whatsoever hauling the Pantera the almost 600 miles back home.

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I took my Pantera from IL to MA on a uHaul trailer.  The straps go over the wheels, not the front A arms and the only things you might want to consider is making some ramps out of 2x8 or 2x10 so it doesn't scrape coming up the ramps and some blocks for under the front wheels if your car is low because some of the UHaul trailers have a lip that can catch the lip under the radiator support.  Definitely drive it straight on vs backing it on because of the engine cover latch.  And make sure you're hauling with a full size truck or SUV.  You can see the ramps I made to help get it on the trailer.  Hope this helps you out!


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I’ve used the “auto transport” trailer many times. It is just near “idiot proof”. The trailer is on the heavy duty side. A low car like a Pantera/GT40 is better parked on a short piece of 2x10 to clear the front lip.  Straps go over the tires on front and rear has a chain as a 3rd tie (safety only - not torqued down). Stop and check to front tire straps every couple hundred miles.
Ideally more weight on the tongue makes it more stable. I’ve never had a car on backwards.  
Also used the tow dolly but it I prefer the auto transport

2X on loading an open trailer. I've personally seen two Panteras loaded tail-end-first on open trailers, with their deck lids wrapped around the windshield during a tow. Roof repairs and deck lid hinging are especially expensive to fix. I recommend a closed trailer.

On long tows it also prevents local urchins from late-night fooling with the car or stealing 'souvenirs' at your motel. Good luck-

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