Hello my friends,

My name is Michael Millard and I am Rick Mitchell’s stepson. I am new here, but wanted to introduce myself and make everyone aware that I now build the custom window regulators for Rick and Ted Mitchell. Sadly Ted Mitchell passed away a short awhile ago.  

Rick and I sell the custom window regulator sets for $750 via PayPal. His design is plug and play with instructions detailing everything. The hardest part is getting the old heavy regulators out. Our custom regulators allow your window to move up and down much faster than the factory ones, and will actually roll all the way down. No more 1/2 inch window lip! Contact me at mrhatfield06@hotmail.com if interested or have questions. Please put “Vader Window Regulators” in the “Subject” field for fastest reply. Thank you all kindly and I hope everyone is doing well. 


Michael Millard/Vader Racing

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Hi Michael,

Thank you for the introduction and for making us aware of the window regulators. That kit has always been regarded as a quality solution from what I've heard.

I purchased my Pantera as a project from Ted a few years ago. Rick and Ted help me load it up. This was also when Gail was with us. They are both missed dearly. I will save up my money for the Vader regulator kit, as i need one myself. 

Please give our best to Rick and your family.



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