Unless the appraiser has access to a car lift & inspects the Pantera fully in the air, with the wheels removed & does a compression test & compression leakdown test.

Can drive the Pantera into the triple digit MPH range to check for handling, vibration, ZF noise, etc, etc.

Engine & Transmission oil analysis.

Has a paint thickness gauge, runs a magnet over every inch of the body.

Removes the wheels to check for rotor & brake pad wear...ad infinitum.

I would want to see the list of inspection points the "car appraiser" does.

As with most everything in life..."The Devil's in the details"...Mark
Originally posted by stevestamp:
Does anyone know of a Pantera specialist who could undertake a pre-purchase vehicle inspection for me in the Chicago area?
many thanks - Steve
Hello Steve; Sent you a PM...Mark
My experience with appraisers is that unless they specialize in Panteras, you may be sorry you purchased tha car based on their expert opinion. Even with a Panteras 'expert' acknowledging that it's a good car, you should see the car yourself as a final step before shelling out a bunch of money. Buying essentially sight unseen can bite you in the ass once. Pictures can lie too.
I used an appraiser whilst buying my Pantera from St.Louis because I could'nt make the trip and also I would'nt have known what to look at once I got there, The appraisal turned out to be excellent, so I knew what I was buying so I would recommend one every time as in my case the dealer was not to be trusted.
Thanks everyone for your advice. I have studied advice threads and links and came to the conclusion that the 3 most important things are rust,rust,rust!

So important to have a really genuine specialist to give an opinion so thanks for the suggestions. I bought a Maserati Ghibli Open Cup race car from the Netherlands and the specialist at Autoforza was worth his weight in gold!

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