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I have a pulsing vibration...about every 2 seconds, felt at 60-70MPH. I notice it most in the upper frame of the driver's door. Wheels are balanced, steering is fine(no shake) & shafts seem fine(universals and bolts are tight). Not sure if the ring gear is safety wired....this is my worry. Could it be an indication that the bolts are loosening? Can I verify the bolts with a micro cam through the ZF drain or fill plugs? Thanks.
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Don't know if this will help, but when I had my half shafts out, I noticed that the scribed lines across the two halfs were not lined up. In other words, when they were originally balanced, a line was scribed where the two halfs come together so that they could be reassembled correctly and maintain balance.
It might be something to look for.
I changed over to my second set of wheels/tires recenly. They were fine when I removed them about 2 months ago. I always have a small continuous vibration - the rear view mirror shakes under load. When I push in the clutch while driving, the vibration stops.
The pulsing vibration is new....since I changed the rims/tires.
Thanks for the help!
FWIW, loose bolts holding the u-joint flanges to the halfshafts will cause a shake. I found this by accident on a '71 during a run- one bolt of the 16 had a cracked lock-washer that had fallen out, leaving the bolt loose. 3/4-turn tightened it up and thats all it took to cause a shake under power! Since then, this shake-under-acceleration has been found on two more Panteras across the U.S with loose bolts in the halfshafts, so check to see if the bolts are tight in your car!
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