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Per the top docu from SOBILL ist should be R/BK. I can confimr this color per my full rebuild wire loom work.

Also all senors have a color mix with BLACK /B..not solid color..

only green I found by quick check on my docu was a pretty thick wire for the window motors.

BUT: we know for a DT everything is possible.., just measure it by a simple instrument for 9USD....

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The only Green wire that may be in that area may be for the AC compressor clutch per this SOBill wiring diagram. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos to prove one way or another.

UPDATE: I just now stumbled across a photo that appears to show a Green wire connected to the Black wire of the compressor.

AC Green Wirex


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I'm assuming that it was working and then suddenly stopped?  Looks like the T stat has been moved to the front in the water bump. Not being able to see it in person it is hard to diagnose The big red wire probably goes the the alt above the AC unit. Is the original location for the t stat still in use? Not sure how to help remotely, just looking at what the PO may have done.


On my 1973 pantera, the temperature manometer is controlled by the probe located on the water expansion vessel. This is a red / black wire. If you put this wire quickly to the ground of your car, the pressure gauge will tend to go up fully (this is normal), if this is the case it means that your temperature transmitter is defective. Hope this information can help you.

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