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Larry I think its wonderful you've reached out to assist Tim.

The "whoa" doesn't sit well with me.

I know "whoa" is used frequently on the mail list. It implies, hold everything, this person is wrong, you'll be screwed if you follow their advice. In that light, it's easy to understand why the person who's advice is being questioned may feel as though they have been disrespected, made to look ignorant, etc, publicly on the internet. I have witnessed this too many times on the mail list. Tempers flare sometimes, written arguments begin.

There is a wealth of experience on the mail list, and some very fine people. I miss that. But to remain involved with the mail list meant allowing the "whoas", attitudes, politics and egos on the mail list into my life. That's why I stopped participating there, and spend all my time here. I sincerely hope that those negative aspects of the mail list do not find their way over here.

I think there is a kinder way to contribute to the PIBB, and because you go by LF-TP, I have confidence you know that too.

respectfully, your friend on the PIBB, George
George this is my fault. I teased you when you were not feeling well and I am really sorry I did that. You are without question the top expert on this forum. I was kidding you because your knowledge IS so extensive. It is like having Mr. Spock around on the bridge of the enterprise. PLease don't think what I did means I in any way dissrespect you. That is not the case. This is all my fault and if anyone should pipe down it should be me. I don't know as much about the cars and engines as you have forgotten.
Once again I am sorry.
Your friend who will shut up now,
And you deserve to say it George. You have the life experiances that have gifted you with a font of knowledge. I want you to know George, that I for one admire you. I find myself trying to emulate your calm manner when I am at work. I think your example of calmly expressing my opinion has benifitted me in my job. I find people are coming to me more for consultation. You are an example for me George. I look up to you.
I just bought one for a 351 cleveland from the local parts store (didn't mention a Pantera). We're talking about the sender that screws into the water pump right?. Replaced the stock one that previously worked fine with the new one. No change in the reading. It worked perfectly. But who knows what's been done to my car in the past. Smiler

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