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Loosen the screws that hold the console & gauge panel and refit the part of the dash that hangs down, so as to have the console slide underneath the gauge panel  edge. The consule might need pushing forward a bit.  Then retighten the screws. Someone was digging around under there and got sloppy in putting things back. Note the gauge panel thumbscrews are different lengths. Yours is a '71; on my '72 L, the upper left thumbscrew was the shortest.

Thanks Jack,
I can't move the console forward without mis-aligning the screws that hold the shifter plate (unless I'm missing something).
It didn't occur to me to move the center section (where the gauges are) - I'll look into that.

I'm afraid I don't follow you regarding the gauge panel thumbscrews. Mine's a '73 and has flat countersunk phillips.

I have an email into these guys regarding re-covering the center console:

Will let you all know what I find out.



To answer your original question about recovering... I did this to my car because I didn't like that the console and dash didn't match and looked like a cheaper material than the doors and bulkhead. You can see that the fit is perfect now too. Just Dashes is down the street from me and then do good work, but they are expensive. I used an independent upholsterer and it was waaaay less for what that's worth. IMG_1237IMG_1238IMG_1244IMG_1247


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