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Hello, new here from southern indiana. 3 months ago my dad surprised me when he asked me what I thought about a subaru? Me being the smart alec I am I could not help but to stir the pot a little and just blurted out "Wouldn't a Detomaso Pantera be a LOT more fun?" He just smiled and I thought he knew I was full of crap. Well he picks up the subaru on monday but he surprised me when he said he liked the idea of getting a pantera the more he thought about it and was considering it. We have always been ford fans in fact I am now modifying the 94 mustang GT my mother bought back in late 93. Its become a legacy and a huge project where I have learned a lot more about mechanics and body work then when I started. I can say I am an amature mechanically but I worked 15 yrs as a car audio/security installer so wiring does not scare me just to give a little background.

He and I are in agreement that we want one we can drive and enjoy at shows and occasionally on a track if the mood is right. I have been looking around at prices and watching some auctions to get an idea of what they go for. I have read about the overheating issues and half shaft problems that I would like to have fixed before we buy it. Is there any other areas we need to be aware to check on these as far as rust areas or parts that wear out? Anyone know of a nice driver for sale?
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Welcome! has a good buyers guide. There are several threads regarding the adventure you're about to undertake.
What's your budget? A nice driver now days will run north of $50k.
One important step is, once you've found a car, have a knowledgeable Pantera owner look at it. There are several in Indiana. One goes by the name of comp2. If he doesn't chime in shoot him a private message.
We are so green to the Pantera market that we have not set a budget yet. I know it will not be huge but in my mind but I was estimating $50-60, maybe $70 if we found the perfect car... But not sure exactly what that is now. Getting into all the little details of the differences, I will need to read/study a little more.

I would love to find some local people that know more. I am in evansville which is right at the KY, Il, In boarder.
yes I am weighing the balance of stock vs already modified. I am a bit of a tinkerer and have loved adding a performance air ride system in my 94 Mustang, supercharger with everything powdered/polished. But I have my hands full on projects there and really do not need that many more on a new car. I am watching auctions on ebay and any others that are coming up just to get a better Idea of what they are going for. Looks like the last 10 yrs or so was pretty good to the value of the car. We are not really getting into for the investment by any means, if we can just have fun and break even I think we can call it a win.

If anyone knows of any drivers for sale from $50k-$70k please let me know.
There have been a number of sub $60K cars sold on eBay recently, some that looked exceptional value, just bide your time and scour the internet.

Here's a few current offerings on Craigslist;


The orange one in Reno is on my doorstep if you needed an inspection.


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