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One talented owner fabricated a big triangular panel that covered the whole lower front portion of the door panel, upholstered in the same leatherette as original. Coves the hole, nice style and if you still wanted speakers in there, tiny punch holes in a subtle pattern could be added to let sound from the speakers pass thru. Being 6'2" w/long legs, I always kicked off that speaker grille when entering/exiting our car until I flush mounted the grilles.

@RonC posted:

SMS Fabrics in Oregon makes copies of the original door panel cover with the correct stamping. I just got a pair but it took about 22 months because of covid

Hi again, how perfectly do you think they have been able to replicate the factory originals. Would you be able to post a couple of good pictures, including a couple of close ups of details? I contacted them on their homepage enquiry form and the responded within a day - $629 for a pair. Cheers, Tim.

I only needed the drivers side so here is passenger side how they come and a close up of the stamping. The last is the drivers installed back in the car. Pretty good quality IMG_3227IMG_3229IMG_3232compared to a lot of things I have gotten before. On the closeup the original is on the right side and sorry the top picture is upside down


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