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You don't say whether this is front or rear? Before providing an answer it would be good to know what size tires and wheels and type of shocks you are running. Rolling the fenders may be an easy fix, but that may not address the root cause.

thanks for both reply. I have 17" wheels but with the new tire the outer diameter is exact same like origin. maid be that with the distance plate I am little closer to the fender.
sorry, forgot, front, only on passanger side happens. No idea which shock are mounted. I am just upgrading the engine and need probably new spring and shocks. Is which spring and shock are recommended ?
I have a 72 L version, many thanks,
Uli, Koni gas-charged coil-overs made in Holland are a good choice. They are yellow painted and adjust for rebound damping as well as for easy car height adjustment. They are also rebuildable. Four new Konis with springs are also 26 lbs lighter than stock. Springs of any reasonable strength are cheap- around $50 USD per pair for good quality springs.

Note 1: Koni does NOT make a specific shock for the Pantera so what is normally used were meant for a front-engine car. Thus, the supplied front Konis should be fitted to the rear and vice-versa so the rubber bump-stops and internal valving fit the Pantera's wt. distribution.

Note 2: the 350 lb gas-charge inside today's Konis will ADD 35-40 lbs to the spring strength of any shock-springs you choose. The gas is for anti-foaming on bumpy roads.

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