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I normally drill an air bleed hole in regular thermostats.  It makes filling with coolant easier.  There is plenty of flat area on a regular thermostat for a small hole.  I am not sure where to drill a Flowkooler.  Maybe the side?



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I drove the car 50 or so miles today to a car show with the new thermostat (along with many other changes) and it worked well.  I was anxious because of the amount of work I had done to the car and my eyes were on the temperature and oil pressure gauges much of the drive.  This thermostat is interesting because of the temperature fluctuations.  Cruising on the freeway the low was 180 and the high was 200.  It cycled back and forth that way.  Each time it went over 195 I started to think about the harm that might be done to the car by the flatbed tow truck that rescues me.  Right about then it would cycle back towards 180.

When I got off the freeway for the show it hovered around 190.  It was the same way coming back home.

This thermostat seems to have a wider temperature swing than the previous Stant thermostat that I was using.

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