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Hi. I am getting around to installing the Big Brake Kit from SACC that was purchased awhile back. The Superlites went on without any issues but the parking brake calipers seem to drag no matter the amount of shimming. Anyone run into similar issues when they installed the mechanical calipers. Also, since the calipers are not hooked up to hydraulics, how does the piston retract once the cable lever is pulled. Thanks.

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From Wilwood instructions:

Adjust parking brake:

1. With parking brake off, loosen adjustment bolt jam nut (on the parking           brake  caliper).

2. Tighten the adjustment bolt until there is some drag on the rotor.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the other rear wheel caliper.

4. Back off adjustment bolt one-half turn on each caliper.

5. Ensure there is no rotation of adjustment bolt and tighten jamb nut 80-120            in- lb. on each caliper.

6. Check for drag on each rotor. A slight rubbing sound during rotation is acceptable.

Since you have drag already you may need to back off the adjustment bolt to get clearance and then follow the above instructions.

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