Where can I find a "DeTomaso" decal for across the top of my windshield?

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HI. Try a local truck lettering company.
They make the truck lettering decals that you see on delivery trucks etc. They can make a windshield decal
for you and the best part is that you can pick the
font / color / size etc. Can probably have it the same day.
Can you post a photo of what style you are looking for?

They are not hard to make with the correct art or logo file type. It may also need to be modified to have the correct curvature.

Sorry. I don't have a photo of what I am looking for. I have seen them though that either say "Pantera" or "DeTomaso". If I can find a photo I will post it up.
Hall sells both the 'Pantera ' & 'De Tomaso' for $36 ea. in either white or black lettering.

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