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DIY-ers, AVOID IF AT ALL POSSIBLE!  Shipping a huge chunk of glass around the world is and always will be expensive. Pantera windshields have been sourced from S.America, Europe and the Far East. I have been at vendor's shops when a substantial wooden crate of ten windshields was first opened- to find an average of two broken in shipment. Reclaiming international insurance costs on broken glass is slow and does not often cover costs.

You also have a choice of clear or tinted versions, and std or oversized. Used windshields are invariably scratched or sandblasted by decades of use. Finally, a new, flexible rubber gasket (two versions of these, too- one with slits that mount the shiny trim and one without) can be upwards of $250. Once installed without cracking, you then get to fix the inevitable water leaks.... I've done two myself and I will not even help any more, not fun.

tberg posted:

I just recently replaced mine during the modification of my car with a flush glass windshield, so my original early '72 glass is sitting at the shop.  This is in Los Angeles.  If you're interested let me know.

I would be interested in learning more about the flush windshield, perhaps in a separate thread . (or if there is already a thread about this, steer me that way)

Just got home, but I'll take some pictures tomorrow in the light and post.  By the time you pay for new rubber and metal trim for the windshield, you've paid more than for the flush glass that doesn't require any of that and which just makes the look more modern.  Obviously not for those who want originality or concourse restoration or even highest resale value, but definitely better looking.

thanks guys, I (Kimk) found a supplier here in Europe. Since the seal rubber were new (origin new), the metal trim are still fine, they can remove the windshiel by taking care of the rubber and metal trim. Yes, I like the old style of my 1972 Pantera and would not take the modern version. I love the stinky gasoline and noise emission and sound of the car, harrrr :-) , and by they way, I am not 25 anymore... neither modern

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