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I saw online this yellow 74 for sale near Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Apparently it sold already today for what I consider to be a great deal, considering the value of the dollar. I emailed the seller because I noticed many of the same modifications that my car 6243 once had. It turns out Barry McNamee did also own this car at one time. This car along with mine are mentioned in this old thread.

Unfortunately the current seller did not provide me with the car number when I asked so I still don't know if this car is in the registry however the current description says it was imported in 76, which is odd. I have owned 6243 since 2014 and live in Alberta so I am going to try and continue investigating since I would like to track Barry down and ask him some historical questions about my car. Anyone here ever use to tour around with him in the Ontario Pantera scene?

Here are a few of the pics that were in the yellow 74 listing.



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Barry had two Panteras and sold them both a number of years ago.  I thought his red one went to Alberta and his Yellow went to Stoney Creek (Hamilton) area.

I haven't seen him for some time, but he's still listed on Canada 411 (Simcoe St. in Oshawa).

If you're unable to reach him, I believe his family still runs his Financial Services firm in Oshawa and they may be able to get you a cell number or tell you his schedule so you can catch him.

I remember the yellow car having the Kirk Evans low-profile rear wing (I think with an integrated brake light).

Thank you for the information!  I am going to try and contact Barry to find out some more history about my car. I have the red car and it also has an Amerisport rear spoiler and at one time (on a shelf now) front spoiler like the yellow one.  Those two mods and few other small things made me notice the yellow one see if it was Barry's other car.

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