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Maybe someone has information about his yellow Pantera from Texas, which is now for sale in Düsseldorf/Germany. I (loving everything with a V8) am interested in buying this Pantera. Here ist the link to the offer:
The previous owner is also named in the ad. Unfortunately the ad is in german, maybe you can use Google Translate.
The price looks fair to me, the pictures are wonderful, the condition looks really good. When the lock down is lifted I am definitely flying there to check it out.
Any insights about this car? Many thanks for any information here. Greetings from Salzburg.


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Der letzte bekannte Fahrzeugbesitzer :
Mark Pinson aus Plano in Texas. Besitz von 2006 bis 2015.

There’s a lot of information and pictures of the car on ProvaMo.  The last 4 of the VIN is also in the ad, 3335.

It’s been in Florida for a while.

Nice car.  It looks like it has had a few cosmetic changes over the last 10-15 years, but nothing major...

Good Luck with the purchase!


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