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Thanks, I have had so little time to work on the car but I have a good to-do list. Every time I have a few minutes I try to pick something and get something done.

It can be really frustrating when you get an hour to work on something then you are short one item...then you try to shift gears, then someone needs something, then you sit there scratching your head as you run out of time.
Originally posted by comp2:
Thanks Mark, seems like the last 10% can be the most difficult some times.

Too true — although I think it is probably just that you are so close, any delay hurts because it pushes out the completion in a very immediate way. At the beginning it's easy to believe that everything is moving along at the proper pace (even when it's not really) because the completion date is a long way out. Hang in there. It will be so worth it when you are finally finished.

When you look back, the pain of the delays will fade away very quickly — just like the objects in your rear-view mirror!

I think when you start marking things off the list you end up with a few things on the list which....take more thought and time. Some times you do things, cross them off the list, think about it, then decide that was not acceptable so they go back on the list.

For instance, my fuel line and regulator run behind the tank next to the rear window. I was trying to keep it away form the exhaust. It was one of those things that haunts me. I know if ----I mean when I have a problem it will be nearly inaccessible when the window goes in which means I need to change it and re-plumb it which means back on the list!

The electric power steering pump tank was that way. I modified the plastic tank to move the return line but it was not a good solution. I knew I needed to go back in and re do it.

That meant a couple hours getting the pump out of it's fox hole, which meant undoing the front cooling tubes, building a new tank, put it all back together.

That is done and it does not leak which is fantastic; but it was a dreaded item on the list...and there are a few left.

The next dreaded item is making a new removable bubble from scratch which works with my console and is completely independent and removable. I do have the metal cut but it is just one more thing which takes time and focus.

Building a car is nothing but a list of problem at a time.
Originally posted by ItalFord:
The turn signal device is quite ingenious. I must say the sound it makes is a bit annoying. A TICK TICK TICK would have been more pleasing. Just my 2 cents

I understand what you are saying. I spent a lot of time working with buzzers. There was a lot which went into the decision to make the buzzer; cost, size, voltage, current, etc. A more pleasing buzzer would probably require a larger external buzzer which would not be convenient for the product.

The noise is not so bad up under a dash. A guy put an earlier version in a Cobra but the buzzer could not be heard. This one has a volume control which is nice so at least you can turn it open for open roadsters with loud exhaust and still hear it.

I filed for patents on both this version and the version I put in the Pantera which operates off of a rotary encoder.
I had a problem getting it started. The video was only the second start since I put the engine in the car. I would crank and crank, let it sit and do it again. I have distributor less ignition and the unit was not picking up the index on the trigger wheel.

When it did start it fired through the carb and back fired until it started. I finally traced it with the help of some research and others to the magnetic pickup.

The starter wire runs down the frame rail and is too close to the magnetic pickup. One fix is a resistor and another fix is a metal plate to block the wire but either way I have it starting like any other car now.

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