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Well, I thought it was time to have my album done as the car is starting restoration.

Car was bought in AZ (Scottsdale) and brought to Spain. Licence plate was UR2SLW. If anybody has any feedback it will be great.

I will be updating as work goes through...any comments/suggestions will be appreciated.


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Some pictures from sandblasting process! Found APPLE GREEN paint under what I thought it was original yellow colour.

Process is going slowly as Im also looking for some parts...wheels ordered in august still not received, etc...

Hey neighbour....recovering from GO - KART blisters???? HAHAHAHA..... Timing???? GOD KNOWS!!!!
Work keeps going..slightly delayed, as wheels arrived later than expected.

All rust areas replaced/rebuilt. Now centering work on finishing flares.

Will continue to update as soon as work shows some progress: flares welded, side markers new positiong solved (doubting about it: remove it or not decision...
Hey George,

No problem in fitting/touching to the stock body (which surprised me). Wheels are 17".

I will have to elevate the car slightly in order to fit the flares/wheels together.

As Ron (ACCOBRA) previously said to me, the main problem is the fitting of the flares: I cut mine into 4 pieces and welded them back to get the correct format.

Will keep posting if any other problem occurs...
Looking good man ! I love the look !

..... I think the issues I had ... stem from these factors you should keep in mind while mounting the flairs.

Depending on the offsets of the wheels you have the rears were 2 " out past the tire ... so I cut an inch off all the way around the mounting flange to bring it in to match the fronts.

The fronts were too close so I used the hammer and dolly to bring them away and roll the lip so when you turn the wheel the tire dosen't catch the sharp edge.

Next after I mounted all the suspension and wheels and squared up the car .... I found that you have to find a happy medium between the centerline of the radius of the flair and tire .... and lining up the side pieces ... my goal was to make side piece in the front match the bottom of the front valance and the rear die piece match the rear valance.

Also the height above the tire ...I wanted to keep it as close as possible ... so the radius looks the same all the way around but that was hard because the front and rear the look needs to be the same ... and the fronts need a elliptical look for the tire turning radius .. otherwise that tire will hit the flair when you turn it... so in some respect I think the rear should look similar ... still sorting that out to see if I like that look.

The fronts ..when you lower the car run out of height at the top of the fender. The rears were easier in this respect.

I replaced 2 rocker panels so the bottoms look nice and I dodnt have to deal with any rust.

I'm also thinking of installing 3/8 round bar all the way around the flair edge to add stength so if the tires rubs in the front it dont rip the flair off.

Just some simple factors I encountered.

Thanks Ron.

"I'm also thinking of installing 3/8 round bar all the way around the flair edge to add stength so if the tires rubs in the front it dont rip the flair off. "

Im also looking to sthrengthen this area: will consider your idea.

And, yes, right now Im evaluating the space at the top of the fender when car is lowered.

I did replace the rocker panels and the pillars underneath were reinforced/rebuilt, as the bottoms were all eaten up!!

Will continue to update as soon as I get back from China: business trip:

any Pantera located there? Honk Kong maybe???
Thanks guys!

Ron, at the end I didnt use the 3/8 bar. Once mounted and welded (I cutted them into 7 pieces to make them fit properly and then welded them again 1 one) they seem pretty much if I add the bar now, it will not add that much strenght and will make them impossible to repair in case I crash into something.

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