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Does anyone have ay information on  THPNMB02368 other than what's in the ProvoMo registry?  Mostly wondering if the odometer of 20K miles is legit, or is it 120K miles?  I'm guessing the later based on how dirty the bottom of the car is.  Thanks


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That car looks fairly clean, the underside isn't overly beaten up on the chassis rails nor the front valance. I'd guess by all the upgrades, potentially rebuilt engine etc. it's been driven rather than sat around for 50- years. A little bit of negotiating and it could be a decent buy and better that it has miles, as no refurbishment of rotted rubber and no worries in putting lots more on it!

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somebody did spend some money on it… aluminum A - arms…wheels & tires, aluminum brace, exhaust, fuel injection..

I guess it was sitting for many years and someone got it going again!

look at the manufacturing date of the tires, that’s probably when it got revived..!

Check wear on steering wheel, shift knob, Wear on the door locks/ latches..

look for rust… magnet and make sure there is metal everywhere!

the car I bought did 80 miles in 8 years (maybe more years) and I have to replace everything! Bought it with 32k total miles. You don’t use it, you lose it!

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Not sure if this is a fare comparison if the car is worn out and needs a lot of work.

But, I'm into my car for $90K and still counting though it is drivable and fairly presentable.  I've done lots of upgrades but this might give you a reference on price.

Maybe with a little negotiating it could be a decent deal.


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