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does anyone know if there are many significant differences between a 72 harness and an April 71?


There are a few differences between a '72 and a '71 harness. Most significant are:

1. Different location of radiator fan relays and controls.

2. '71 A/C only has one relay and one wire running aft to the compressor and condenser fan.

3. '72 has a seatbelt warning system; '71 does not.

Hey fitz, thanks for all the great communication and fast shipping. I have a question. The ad said complete but I never asked, is the fuse box included? Don't see it in your description or questions going back and forth. Thank you! Cullen.
I think the stock fuse box has gained a bad image that is not entirely warranted.

Yes, some fuse boxes have been shown to be a problem. Generally the issue is lack of tension holding the fuse in. Whether this is caused by too high an amperage in a circuit or just a result of normal age, there are surely hundreds of stock fuse boxes currently in use without any problems.

Unlike a throwout bearing, which begs to be replaced anytime the bell housing is off the engine, replacing a fuse box is easily done.

Unless one has money to burn, I see no reason to replace a fuse box that is exhibiting no problems. Keeping the contacts clean, perhaps bending the contact arms for a tighter grip and making sure the proper value fuse is being used will likely allow most fuse boxes to continue serving without any problems.

2511 does have the upgraded Pantera electronics fuse box, but that is only because Jon wanted GRP4 taillights from me and we worked out a trade that was a benefit to both of us. My stock fuse box, with probably 50,000 miles on it, was working fine when removed.

I agree with everything Larry just said but would add that using a "conduction enhancer" on the tips of the fuse and the contacts will make it work even better.

After Zonkey's restoration, which included a very careful cleaning of all fuses and contacts, I had some fuse conduction problems. I tested the resistance with an Ohm meter and the problem ones were quite high (be sure to test with ignition off an preferably battery disconnected) Interestingly, the problems were all in the circuits that I had switched over from load carrying to relays.

I Googled around and found suggestions that an anti-corrosion grease could solve most problems. One that was suggested was "Ox-Gard™ Anti-Oxidant Compound" which can be found at most HW stores (Home Depot and Lowes for sure) and, of course, Amazon: After 10+ years, the single application is still working! A lifetime supply costs just a few bucks Smiler
I've been told that the interconnected wiring inside the stock fuse box is 'different' on some Panteras. Whether it's because of the year of the car's wiring or not, I can't say because 'core' boxes are never referenced to a serial number. I also don't know if the changed internal wiring keeps some boxes from working correctly or not on different cars. But if you interchange stock boxes and things suddenly go wonky in certain circuits, check this as well. Welcome to Italy.....

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