I now really need to sell my Pantera that I listed awhie back. Yesterday my truck got
wrecked when another vehicle lost control
and slid into the side of me, and took out most of the driver side of the truck. Then I spun and slid backwards up over a curb where the rear axle got broken. So I am going to have to find a replacent. My Pantera is a 1973 L model. The engine is not the original 351C, but is a rebuilt 351C with all really good parts, and it has about 4000 miles on it. The car has 46000 total miles. It is a pretty dark red color. The interior was mostly redone. It never overheats, runs well. It does need a choke as the one on it was junk so I took it off.
I have not bothered to replace this as I am trying to sell the car so see no reason to right now. This is a very solid car with no rust, maybe a few stone chips in the paint. And one small door ding that I was told could be rolled out. Drop me a line at
tradde@excite.com. Asking $23,000 which is
well below what this is worth. So someone
will get a bargain for my loss.
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