Hi Everyone.

Newbie on board facing a steep learning curve. I'm not new to working on cars but am new to Panteras.

I'm working on a 1974 GTS with a 12/73 build date, originally sold in California. It has after market carb, intake, distributor, air cleaner, fuel pump, etc. The project is to return it back to original spec. It's not my car, for the record. I'm doing this for the boss :-)

Should I be looking for "D3---" parts or "D4---" parts?  1973-spec parts or 1974-spec parts?

I had a chance to examine another 1974 (L model, not GTS) with a build date of 6/74 (only 800 miles and presumed to be un-molested) and it has "D4--" parts, for example:


EGR Valve: D4ZE-9D475-CTA (CYA?)

Air Cleaner: D4OF-9600-DB

Emission label: D46E-96485-BA

I realize I may never find all the exact parts but, as long as I searching, I might as well try to get the correct parts or as close as I can. The 1973 stuff is much easier to find and I suspect (ha ha) that a lot of it is the same as 1974.

Thanks in advance for any advice

Doug Dwyer

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Hi Doug,

it sounds like a fun project! I have been having similar issues, as mine had it's engine replaced in the mid 1990s I think. It is not really clear from the various parts books and workshop manuals and other literature when such date changes were made. There are a couple of pretty original GTSs lurking around in the US, and having a look at as many as possible is probably your best bet. Although there are a few people on this forum that may be able to give you some documentation. It would be great if you could keep us updated on what you find out.

Cheers, Tim.

Thanks, Tim. 

Yes, an interesting project and the research is fun....although quite time consuming.  It's double research: learning what Ford did and learning what De Tomaso did. I've looked at tons of pics but, still, it's clear as mud to me. From working on similar projects on other cars I've learned that clarity isn't always to be found.

Would it be equally likely that a 12/73 built car had 1973-spec parts versus 1974?  If I can't come across anything definitive I'll go with 1973, I guess. If nothing else the car will end up looking more correct, and less incorrect, than it does now.

Cheers and thanks


tberg posted:


Nice to hear from you on this forum, as I'm more used to seeing you on the Jag forum site.  You'll get plenty of great information here as well.  Good luck with your project.

I knew you had a Pantera so I had a hunch that I'd see your name pop up here


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