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Hello Everyone,

I am considering buying a 1974 Pantera.

This is a stock 1974 car that I plan on keeping stock - I don't really want to do any engine mods. I'm concerned that the 1974 was significantly less powerful, and as a result, that the car was significantly slower than previous models. Any truth to this? If so, how noticeable will the difference be?

(sorry that part of this post duplicates another I put up in the Coach section - I wasn't sure where to put the comment about the engine).

Any help would be really, really, greatly appreciated.
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Dear Juan Manuel,

I bought my first 1974 Pantera L in 1988 when it had only 2100 miles on it. It was quite sufficiently fast. I now have a 485 hp engine, which is significantly faster. How fast do you want to go? How serious are you about keeping a 36 year old Cleveland engine with a plastic timing gear completely stock? Do you expect to display it or do you expect to actually drive it?

To answer your question another way: assuming that you do keep the stock engine completely stock and well maintained, then you will be able to run with the other Panteras, but you won't be at the front of the pack nor will you be back with the stock Miatas.

Warmest regards, Chuck Engles
Thanks for your response.

It really isn't a question of how fast I want to go - the car is for street use, although I may track it occasionally.

I'll give you an example, I have a 2006 911 C4S and it is plenty fast for me. My concerns is that I will only buy one pantera and I don't want to be disappointed with its speed and wondering whether I made a mistake buying a '74 instead of a '72.

By the way, Seller is including some items with the sale, including 1. Holley 750 Carb, Sermatech Coated Performance Headers, and High Performance Mufflers - Chrome Finish. I haven't decided whether to make these upgrades.

On another note, I'm a little confused about your question regarding the timing gear. Can you please elaborate?
Juan, LOL just kidding. Please do more research on this site. You will find that the stock Cleveland has some short comings they are as follows:

1. The plastic upper timing gear that attaches to the camshaft. The teeth are made of plastic that break off over time.
2. The Valves are known to seperate from the valve stems since they were produced as a 2 piece valve.
3. The rod bolts are also know to come loose. Althouh not as common as the upper two items.

The additional parts you have? I would definitely install. IMO as long as you do not cut it up and the part is a bolt on bolt off part its no big deal. Panteras have lots of room for improvement.
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