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Hi guys,

Just in time for Christmas! Lori came up with the idea of creating a De
Tomaso calendar for the PCNC club store, so together we went through my
archives and came up with some fantastic photos. Best of all, it's incredibly
easy to order one (or a dozen!) with a few mouse clicks.

Go here to order:

They are available in three different sizes, costing $18.95, $20.95 or
$25.95. 10% of the sale price is delivered directly to the PCNC store account,
so the club makes a couple of bucks, and you get to have a calendar that is
incredibly interesting compared to puppies or horses or sunflowers or

Buy early, buy often, and spread the word!


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Hi guys,

Sales of the PCNC 2013 calendar have been good, but for those of you who haven't got yours yet, I just saw this promotion that Zazzle is now running:

25% Off Calendars

Limited Time!
Enter code:


at checkout in the "Zazzle Coupons/Gift Certificates" box

25% of the calendar net sale price will be deducted when one or more qualifying calendars are purchased and the coupon code 2013CALENDAR is applied at checkout. The net sale price is the price of the product (excluding shipping and taxes). Offer is valid through December 25, 2012 11:59pm PT. This offer does not apply to past purchases and may not be combined with any other Zazzle promotional or volume discount offers. If a volume discount applies to your order, you will receive either the discount set forth in this offer or the standard volume discount, whichever is greater. Offer valid on only.


I just received my own copy of the calendar yesterday, and even though Lori and I created it, I must say, objectively speaking, that it's really quite good. One never knows how the finished product is really going to turn out, and I was prepared for some disappointment, but in fact I was very pleased.

I opted for the largest of the three sizes available, and when ordering it gave me a caution that one of the images might not have sufficient resolution to support that large size, but I went ahead anyway, and it turned out great.

Here's the direct link:

You won't get it by Christmas, but you should get it in time for the New Year if you order now.


Originally posted by The Pope:
Before I order . . .

Did you obtain releases for using the photographs?

HAHAHA!! Dave, don't be such a pain in the butt. Roll Eyes

The photos are all either mine, or from my archives, given to me by the owners of the respective cars for purposes of publication. Only one photo came from a commercial source and I got a release and sent him a calendar as a gesture of thanks.

Hopefully you find those arrangements satisfactory? If not, I don't know what to tell ya...I guess there are plenty of other calendars available that you could buy, with puppies or horses or sunflowers or whatever. Big Grin
Well, Mike, would you willingly participate in an enterprise that hurt those in YOUR profession? Probably not, eh?

And you KNOW, if I need to be a pain I WILL step up and do my best!

I am glad you did the right thing, bravo.

We all like puppies, too. but this isn't the "I like puppies community" - is it?


PS: I LOVE the re-gear (more than expected) and its everything I expected. We all need 2x hp . . . . .
Glad you like it!

Note that Zazzle has been putting their calendars on sale, sometimes at up to 50% off. PCNC has established the normal price, but has zero control over what Zazzle chooses to offer in terms of discounts. So if you paid full price and then they went on sale for half off the next day, please don't be upset with PCNC--we have no control over their decision to discount our product...and if you were fortunate enough to scoop one (or a dozen!) up for half price, well, good on ya for being lucky!
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