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Originally posted by David_Nunn:
Scott, it makes no sense to me either but keep in mind, Singer sells 1960's look Porsche 911's for $500,000 and they are sold out for the next four years! There are lots of wealthy people around who want something different and don't mind paying dearly for nostalgia.

Yep, I was thinking the same thing then read your post. I guess a variable is that Porsche has had a continuously and largely flourishing business enterprise vs DeTomaso. Time tends to fade greatness and memories.(just ask Alfa Romeo.)

Far as the authenticity and legitimacy, if this is to be seen as credible, the marketing professionals should step in and position it in a way befitting a $300k+ car.

In addition, someone should disconnect the son's ability to do any more PR, and perhaps have him quit snorting bug spray.
I hope this comes to fruition, I have two pre-sold as of this week from repeat offenders [meaning die hard Pantera guys, not criminals] Understand, I'm not taking deposits. I'm not getting in the middle. They will be direct buys, but like most of us, we need to see it, feel it, smell it, touch it, hear it, well you get the picture. Cash & carry.
, I have two pre-sold as of this week from repeat offenders

Since you did not write "I know of two repeat offenders that have placed themselves on the waiting list", I assume you have been reaching out to previous clients informing them of the Tom Kim Pantera?

If that is in fact the case that tells me you have placed your reputation and reliability on the line with those two future purchasers. I doubt that you would risk tarnishing your image without having done your due diligence before approaching your clients with this information.

Again, if that is in fact the case, can you tell us what such due diligence has been? Have you spoken with Tom Kim, with Steve Wilkinson, received any documents, photos or videos to verify what you have been told?

Inquiring minds want to know.

"That doesn't change the fact that nobody is going to pay 350K for a 40 year old design,..."
Really?! The most obvious rebuttal to that theory is the 2005-06 Ford GT. A modern, updated tribute to the original GT40, these cars are routinely being sold at or near $350K for a 50 year old design.
There are several companies selling modern running gear, updated versions of Jaguar's E-type starting at $500K.
Is it so farfetched to believe that if a state of the art, more comfortable, superior performing tribute based on the original design came to market that a few dozen buyers who appreciate the simplicity and purety of the original design couldn't be found? There are those of us who look at the "more scoops the better" design language of Lamborghini and think, "how could anyone buy any Lambo, they're so ugly."
How many of us have taken our cars to shows or to the track or to the supermarket for that matter and attracted a crowd of admirers who can't believe the car is nearly 48 years old? Each time over the years that I've taken my car to Audi track events and had it parked next to an R-8, it's as if the Audi didn't exist. Our cars have a magnetism to which all of us who own them were attracted. And most of us have spent gobs of money, maybe not $350K's worth but undoubtedly more than we'd like to admit to update, maintain, and improve them. And if we were in the market for a $350,000 exotic and the new Pantera's abilities were on par with other exotics at a similar price, why not? The exclusivity would make it highly desirable. I just hope it's as good as it needs to be!
Today Hunter Kim, the son of Tom Kim, previously of lawn-chair-in-the-garage fame, posted another "2018 Detomaso Pantera" video on YouTube.

He again made mention of the "launch" model version which will be followed by the "production" version, but he also dropped the teaser of a "Special edition" that is "going to be insane".

The thumbnail for the video displays a photo of an under construction vehicle. It only appears very briefly at the start of the video, but I was able to catch a screen grab of it.

I am unsure as to the significance of the photo, as it clearly does not depict any version of a Pantera we have ever previously seen.

To my eye, it appears to be a GT40 replica.




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The screen grab you posted is not in the video now

Nope, it is still there. It is very, very, very briefly shown at the very beginning of the video. Actually displays just after you click to open the video, before his in-car video begins.

I am not surprised you missed it during your viewing. You can only imagine how much fun I had trying to actually capture it. Wink

If these people were truly serious about resurrecting the brand and had the money to do it, they'd establish operations in Italy and do things properly. They could buy the old factory for pennies on the dollar. They could hire as much of the old staff back as possible, for the sake of continuity, then go after some qualified people who work for real car companies, to run the company. Perhaps someone from the DeTomaso family could be convinced ($$$) to be the face of the company. Firms like Pagani and Koenigsegg have proven it's possible for a boutique manufacturer to be very successful. It takes a special combination of business savvy, engineering expertise, political influence and deep, deep pockets though.

Unfortunately, the current fiasco looks too much like daddy trying to buy his less-than-successful son a car company. What they haven't figured out is, it isn't that simple. The heart and soul of DeTomaso was never for sale. They may have purchased the rights to the name, leased a building in Los Angeles and hired Superformance to build them a car that resembles a GT5S/Si Pantera but regardless of the name plate they stick on it, it will not be a DeTomaso Pantera.
If these guys pull off a build using a Superformance chassis, IMHO this is a much better project that I originally imagined.

Who can say that the stock chassis build pictured in the video is really the design they are working on for the DeTomaso project? Only Tom & Hunter Kim, and a few other cognoscenti.

Maybe this thing really could turn out to be something special?

Hunter posted another YouTube video a couple of days ago. It was centered around three Porsches his father is storing at the new 2018 Pantera dealership building.

While Hunter has been stopped from doing any more 2018 Pantera updates, he did manage to include some Pantera content as he filmed the entry door and a large wall mural while entering the dealership building.



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Are there anybody who has any update on this


Originally posted by LF - TP 2511:
Hunter posted another YouTube video a couple of days ago. It was centered around three Porsches his father is storing at the new 2018 Pantera dealership building.

While Hunter has been stopped from doing any more 2018 Pantera updates, he did manage to include some Pantera content as he filmed the entry door and a large wall mural while entering the dealership building.

I spoke with Steve Wilkinson today about this.

The pathway to the 2018 Pantera, and other similar ventures, is recent legislation allowing new replica cars to be produced in limited numbers - 250?? per builder - but they must be equipped with current year engines.

According to Steve, the CARB (California Air Resources Bureau) rules and regulations have not been finalized. Government moves slowly, when it moves at all. Hong Kong DeTomaso (HKDT) intended to use 2017 Ford motors, but due to the regulatory delays, have cancelled their order for 25 2017 engines.

Ford will supply HKDT the 2018 engines, but not prior to their Ford introduction. Likely end of 2018 until they are available for HKDT. That engine is about 3" taller than the 2017 engine previously selected, but apparently the 2018 Pantera can be re-engineered for that increased height.

Steve thinks the final body prototype may become a reality in early 2018, as it continues to progress at the builder in South Africa.


Body not finalized

Rules and regulations to allow production not finalized

Preferred engines not available until late 2018

Sorry guys, I suggest you ask Santa for something else for this year.

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How does one obtain a patent on a previously manufactured design, what is new and novel?

Novelty is very strictly defined by patent law referring to originality of the idea. A supposed invention cannot be patented if the invention was known or used by others before the patent applicant invented it or if it is a modification or advance that would be obvious to a person skilled in the area. Perhaps European patent law is less stringent and that's why they filed there? Or are they just trying to preempt and quash others ability to execute on designs that seem to have popped up of late e.g. Ares Design

If those renderings are representative of ride height, then this must be the "Baja" version.... Big Grin

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It's a true giggle reading about something from China being "patented", given their enormous bazaars in all major cities for ripped-off DVDs, devices, designs etc. When did they begin paying the slightest attention to international law?

Second thought: the last Pantera of that shape was built by DeTomaso in about 1989; maybe they think the original 1970 design, now 48 yrs old, has been "abandoned"?
Anyone who has a public company worth nothing and then claims its be "acquired" by a big company, which turns out to be a complete lie, is a lying piece of shit.
That is a clear indication of how he ( and probably his father) made their money.
I'll bet they make a mess of the new Detomaso but will probably stuff their pockets with cash.

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