3 bold window Motor for ONE WAY CONVERSION

Hi Team,
still having the original window motors working but sucking 20 Amps! So want to convert to Ford Aerostar Motors.
I did study the tech-notes decently. I checked the Germany market for replacement motors, could find only 3 bold motors! Whereas 4 bold motors are recommended.

Question: If I do the ONE WAY CONVERSION it looks as if I have more options to fix the Motor on the motor regulator.
WOULD THEN A 3 Bold motor work?

I would do this documented modification to the motor regulator.




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Window Motor Conversion – Taurus
Aerostar window motor conversion issues?

SOBill at aol.com
Thu Feb 2 2006


I could not find the 4 hole motors.

I had the guy that supplies AutoZone, Kragens, et al search through all the boxes in his warehouse in
New Jersey. He was extremely helpful, but he couldn't find a single four hole motor.

I used 3 hole Taurus motors.

Because of the Taurus gearbox/motor mounting vis a vis the Pantera lift mechanism, Taurus driver side
window motors (Ford PN E6DF-14A365-AB) labeled "LF" are used on the Pantera passenger side. I
used a 1990 Taurus motor ~$15.

Taurus passenger side window motors (Ford PN E6DF-14A366-AB) labeled "RF" are used on the
Pantera driver side I used a 1990 Taurus motor ~$15
You can buy new or rebuilt Taurus motors on line.

If you go to a salvage yard, take a hammer and a
chisel (or a battery powered grinder) because the Taurus motors are mounted with rivets.

The Taurus motors run the window 2x as fast (2 seconds up or down) on 1/2 current (4 vice 8 amps).

All you need is a hacksaw, a grinder, a drill, and some beer.

SOBill Taylor

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