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don't have one yet but hope that will change soon. i spend all my free time looking and have several other very nice people helping. i've been wanting one for several years and decided i'm not getting any younger and it's now or never.
302: i just completed a project with a 302 ('65 ranchero) and have another i'm working on ('74 TVR 2500M) that will also get a 302. additionally, i have a friend with a speed shop who's offered me what seems like a very good deal on a Dart aluminum 302. with a stroker kit i thought it might make a nice motor for a pantera at some point in the future. or not.
The little 302's deck height is 8.2" , the Cleveland's deck height is 9.2" and the 351W's deck height is 9.5". There are off the shelf Pantera exhaust systems for the 351C & 351W, none for the 302. The difference in deck height would preclude using the 351W exhaust system on the 302 application.

The last 41 Panteras built (the Pantera Si) had 5.0 motors in them, however these cars employed a tubular rear sub frame, and the exhaust system was routed high in the chassis, I doubt if the exhaust systems from that version would retro-fit into the earlier versions. Those cars are rare, and the exhaust system, if available, would cost you a couple of limbs (an arm & a leg). None of those cars were imported into the US, and with the laws in place today, I don't expect to see an Si imported into the US until 2016.

If building a custom exhaust is not a draw back for you, then the swap is possible.

However, I throw my chips in with my dear Canadian friend in recommending a 351C or 351W with a stroker crank, good heads, roller cam. Naturally aspirated these motors are making 500 bhp or more.

Welcome among us, and good luck shopping for your Pantera.

Have we been gentle enough so far?

cowboy from hell
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