The "New Life for 3271" post began 4 years ago. It fully documented my build, had 100 pages and 200,000 views and gathered tremendous information and response. Some of you may have noticed that all of it is gone.

Long story. But it had something to do with the fully disassembled POS "project car" that I imported into Canada and paid tax on.

It's back together and out kicking some butt. It's surely not finished, but enough so that I can have some fun while I work out the bugs.


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Thanks for the nice comments. Mark sent me a new Avatar, Rob.

All this talk about completion and finishing is nice to hear. I'm glad she looks finished. But in reality she's only just finished enough to drive all summer and work out the bugs.

Next winter she will be back in Cali with me to get on a long list:

Fender flares
Front deck mods
New rear face
New tailites
New brakes
Steering rack adjustment
Electric power steering
Passenger floor

Finally refinish all body then paint and wrap. Yeah... lots to do.

It may look like a modern car but even with all these new components, deep down it's still a Pantera and therefor always a project!

Good thing. Otherwise I'd have bought an FCar or Lambo or Vette.

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