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well after wanting a Pantera since I was 10 years old I have one
-very suprised at how nice of shape it is, 30k on odometer and most everything looks original from what my novice eyes/mind can tell, was last registered in 1984
-climbed around for 6 hours today
-got the fuel tank plug out (as per suggestions on the site!!) and took out 15 gallons of nasty fuel, tank looks very good, will need to look better with my scope tomorrow
-going to change fluids, replace fuel pump and fuel lines
-going to check out brakes, clutch and bearings and start driving soon hopefully
-have two issues
1) passenger window is down, and won't go up, makes noise but doesn't move
2) wheel locks and now key, oh boy


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On the window, if you have the little crank in your toolkit, you can first try pulling out the plug in the door panel and trying to get the window to move up using the manual crank method.

If the gear is broken, it won't work, but if the window is only jammed, maybe you can get it loose.

Better to try the least intrusive method first.

Good Luck -

Glad to hear no major suprises.
Do you think that is original paint? or can you tell if it was another color. Usually if there is a color change you can see the original color under the dash, most people do not bother to repaint the dash support. Another area is that is good to check is behind the seats just at the corner of the bulk head.

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