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So I'm swapping to a Kinsler EFI IR Manifold, and a F.A.S.T. Classic standalone ECU. Was in a mustang and uses the 5.0L TFI module for ignition signals. I believe 88 F250's with 460 7.5L motors had the TFI Module on the distributor like the 5.0L's did, but the models after had remote TFI modules. These things are expensive, anyone know where else to source one from?
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The wiring harness only reaches so far, it is designed to attach directly to the distributor because there are other sensor inputs as well hooking to the manifold off the same main harness. I don't really want to cut up the weather pack connector lines and extend them. I'm not positive the external module has the same connector either. Ford re-did the setup for later models after the recall. There are other issues documented with the external models as well, ford jumped the gun when going to the external.

I googled a few things and came back to the guy in Sweden who converted his car to EFI. He probably did what you are planning, except he found that the 5.0 distributor doesn't fit the cleveland/460 distributor opening. It appears he modified the 460 external TFI distributor to accept the side-mount TFI module from the 5.0 fairly easily.

Looks like he then removed this and went to DIS.
Yeah I wouldn't mind a distributorless setup, but that is another $800 for the eDIST module, the crank trigger setup etc etc etc. I can upgrade to that later, I have some toyota coil packs, but will have to acquire the rest. This next batch up upgrades i'm doing is setting me back already so trying to just get what I have working. Yeah I saw that site of the conversion with the 5.0 distributor, but figured I would see if I could find the right distributor first through the junkyards.
David, it may very well and I make look into that. This ECU appears to have been repaired by FAST years ago. It was working in a local car which I saw running at one point so before I plunk down more change to go to distributorless and find out the ECU's options, I figured I would make the TFI distributor work since it is a cheap route and I've run it before on another programmable ECU (Accel Gen6). I wanted to respond to this thread and update what I ended up doing.

So no luck anymore finding these new or rebuilt. Searched rockauto, oreilly, and a few local yards. Ford changed the distributor on the F250/350 460 after 88/89 and moved the TFI to a remotely mounted heatsink. This distributor has the same shaft length, hex oil pump shaft size, and gear size as the 351c. But there is an easy replacement. The 351w distributor is the same distributor except it has a longer shaft. these are still available at parts stores for mid to late 80's ford f150 trucks with 5.8 windsors, for around 100 after core charge. I found a cheaper one on the bay. Not even a day after I made that purchase a 460 TFI distributor showed up on local craigslist, but guy said he put it in storage already and wanted to charge more, plus it was still an hour roundtrip to get it. I eventually got the 351w distributor and was putting on a bronze gear anyway, so I just went to a buddies shop and we pressed off the gear and used a cutoff wheel to shorten the shaft by 1/2" Came back home and it fit great.

For those of you looking to go EFI in your pantera, I think this is one of the cheapest routes. Go find an accel gen7, FAST classic, FAST XFI for an 87-93 mustang and then have someone weld injector bungs on each runner of your non EFI intake, and add rails to mount. I had someone quote 400 to do this on an existing motorsport single plane I had. Now TFS and i think the parker may have bosses on the intake ready to do this. Put a wilson or fabricated elbow on the 4150/4500 pad and then mount a mustang throttle body so you can mount the IAC and Throttle Position sensor. Pretty basic and effective. Or go with those FAST EZ-EFI, they look less involved if you want new. May be just as cost effective but not sure how much the kits are. A sequential setup with the injectors on each runner would be more effective but for the casual driver like most of these cars are, probably would make less of a difference.

The Wire Loom I have was meant to be mounted in an 87-93 mustang with the TFI on the distributor so there is only so much reach for the TFI plug, thats another reason I'm sticking with the onboard TFI.
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