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What is the correct size flywheel for a 351C flywheel in a Pantera?  Diameter & tooth count please.

My engine (which swallowed the air cleaner stud a few years ago) has a lightweight crankshaft and an aluminum flywheel and was a little too "herky-jerky" at low rpm speeds through a parking lot or in the neighborhood.

It's almost ready to go back into the Pantera and I'm thinking of changing to a steel flywheel which weighs-in half-way between the Centerforce aluminum flywheel and the OEM cast iron flywheel, but I need to know the correct one to order for a Pantera that will fit within the ZF bellhousing.

Feel free to share a part numbers/sources for the correct flywheel, or just let me know the correct diameter and tooth count I need.

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I agree with with David, I wouldn't abandon the lightweight parts based on your symptoms Garth.  I have had the issue before with lightweight components and it was a carb tuning problem.  I hypothesize that you have a lean condition at that RPM load area. A wideband A/F gauge is a great addition for diagnosing driving issues. They are relatively inexpensive today

Thanks David and John.  Certainly some things to consider.

After my original engine swallowed the air cleaner stud I dropped in a spare 351C with nearly the same cam specs and transferred the carb, headers, and CF aluminum flywheel and clutch to it and it was much more drivable.  That's what led me to thinking it might have been a combination of the lightweight aluminum flywheel with the lightweight crank.

I do plan to put a Holley Sniper EFI on the car, which I'm told significantly improves the low speed drivability, so I may just keep the existing aluminum flywheel.  I DO love how quickly it revved!

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