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Looking at a local white Pantera. Owner has had it for 18 years and purchased it out of Florida from Mass originally. The car has 74 bumpers is mostly original but the number seems to be a 1974 VIN not a 73 and also does not have a motor number stamped on the VIN tag.

Anyone know any history of the car they can share? I tried to register for the Pantera Registry site to see if there was any info there but registration for new users seems broken.


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Only thing in the registry is pictures of the VIN plate. Interesting note with it though. Apparently 4936 was sold (to you?) as 6462 but with further investigation the actual VIN was determined to be 4936 as indicated by the stamp on the headlight bucket. Strange. 4936 is white. Its entry was dated 1/7/21 with a few engine compartment and interior pictures. This appears to be your car.

Yes thats the car listed for $75K by his son on Facebook in a different posting. I don't want to give the impresssion that I think the gentleman I spoke with who says he has owned the car for 18 years stole the car or has any idea of its sketchy history. He seemed very sincere, genuine and a regular car guy. I had a positive experience meeting him but if there is a possibility of re-vinning, theft etc in the cars history I have no interest in being the last to hold the car.

Just to play devils advocate here. Headlight buckets can very easily be changed. The fact that the original pedal box VIN appears to have been cut out does not necessarily mean the VIN on the headlight buckets is correct.

after 50 years there is no way for any of us to know this car’s history. It could be a Frankenstein car made up of several wrecked cars. Or it could’ve been a theft that was then disguised as something else and sold  🤷🤷

Just saying……


I’m not making a judgment, just pointing out what I saw on ProvaMo.  But there’s a reason the VIN on the pedal box was removed and it now has a different font (but I don’t know what that reason is).

Is the dash tag still there?  What does it say?

Are there any other spots on the car that have the VIN (can’t think of any off the top of my head).

Is there a motor # tag on the body (in the engine bay) and is the motor number stamped on the block “in the ballpark” with other cars in the series?  I know the motor numbers weren’t always consecutive, and certainly not consistently aligned with the VIN, but maybe general trends might apply…

Anyway, it’s an interesting puzzle.  And I agreed with Larry - there’s a lot of possible reasons, and those reasons may be lost in the mists of time….

Is the original VIN on the pedal box intact? Was it covered over with a metal plate replica of another car's VIN? If so, back in the day someone may have been driving two Panteras while paying insurance and registration on a single car. Then an heir to the car got a duplicate title and was able to sell it with the wrong VIN that was displayed on the fake VIN plate. Thus, it might not be stolen but nonetheless a hassle now.

You can see from the enlarged section of the photo that the top of the pedal box was cut out. You can see the edge of the sheet metal in the blue box and part of the brake pedal stop bracket in red. This car is a late 72 or early 73 with dual pod dash, pre-L center console, L model bumpers, and wipers that park on the left side. #6512, 50 cars newer than this cars is claimed to be, is an early 74 that has the single pod dash, L model console, and wipers that park on the right side.

Pantera 6462 Vin Plate 1


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As Larry asked, I'd be curious to know if there is a VIN tag on the left side of the dash at the base of the windshield. There should also be one riveted to the driver's side door jamb. If NOT, I would run far away. I might even report it to the police/CHP.
The cover plate without the engine number stamped on it is most certainly a reproduction like this one from Hall:

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I was offered that car several months back for 52k., located 2 hour drive from us. When asked for the last 4 he fell off the earth. Also to make things a bit murkier DeTomaso re-vined more than a few cars at their discretion. Rebuilt, crashed, or mechanically repaired cars that sat around.  It was/is not uncommon for engine stampings to be 2 numbers or ten numbers off the plate stamp. We don't see it often, but we do see it. Maserati did some funny business as well, a DeTomaso holding from beginning in '76. Maserati was known for some funny business too! The Merak model for instance, they made several hundred SS Models around 1977/78 and held them. They then sold them 'new' for five years all the way up until 1983! All built in '77. Including VINs stating the model year of the sale. They stamped 'em as they sold 'em.

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