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No I still have the engine, 408 stroker, balanced.
Polished and powder coated intake, MSD ignition, Aviad
10 quart pan, march sepentine pulleys, full roller motor.
All ARP Bolts, Demon Carb, Dog Bone Cleaner, HV Water pump
Manly Valves, srew in rocker studs, Roller Rockers, Stuffer plates
HV oil pump, Centerforce Flywheel, Centerforce clutch, pilot bushing.
Billet Crank, Fluid Damper, H-Beam Forged Rods, Forged Pistons 9:1
Roller Lifters, Comp Cams HR304 Bee Hive Valve Springs
Motor was built by Speed-O-Motive

Polished and powder coated Motor mounts, New trunion Bearing.
Polished and clear powdercaoted Bell Housing ZF-1
Polished Cooling tubes,urethane cooling tube gromments,
silicone couplers, SS clamps, SS coolant tubes Fluidyne Radiator,
Themostat, temp sensors and sucker fans
All new urethane suspension bushings, Ball Joints
Originally posted by Husker:
Has the engine been run? Dynoed?

Sorry was out of state for a few weeks...
No, still in long block form.. Motor was built by Speed-O-Motive in Covina, Ca. We estimated between 450-500 HP conservative.

Motor Specs

Sonic tested
Line bore/Hone/Deck/Bore/deck plate
CNC - stroker clearance block
Drill/Tap Block for lifter retainer kit
Glyptol - seal lifter valley
Brass freeze plugs
Balanced 408 Stroker kit w/ I beam rods
Install Cam Bearings
ARP - main stud kit
ARP - rod bolts
Heads (D1AE-GA)
dipped and enamel coated
Drill/Tap - screw in rocker studs
Manley – Guide Plates
ARP – Rocker Stud Kit
Bronze valve guides
Hardened valve seats
Manley (11805-8) S/D 1.710 SS Valves
Manley (11800-8) S/D 2.190 SS Valves
Positive valve stem seals 11/32
ARP (154-3604) Head bolt kit
Composite Head Gasket Set
Rotating Assembly
408 Stroker Kit
Forged 4340 Nitride Crank
4.00” stroke
17.5CC Forged Dish (Keith Black)
JP – Plasma Rings
Full Floating H-Beam Rods (Summit) 6.00”
Melling - HV Oil Pump -(MEL-M-84AHV)
ARP - Oil pump shaft (154-7905)
Aviaid - 10 qt oil pan
Water restrictor Brass
Cloyes – Double Roller timing set or Gear Drive your choice - Have Both
Fluid Balancer – 50oz - Balaned to Rotating Assembly
ARP - Balancer Bolt
Comp FC 304RF-HR10 Roller (32-651-8)
Comp FS-O-E Hydraulic Roller Lifters (851-16)
Comp Valve Bee Hive springs (924-16)
Comp 1.550 Steel Retainers
Comp 11/32 Super Lock (611-16)
Comp 1.7 Pro Magnum Roller Rockers (1330-16)
Comp 3/8 – Hardened pushrods
Cam Thrust Retainer
MSD - digital 7 Box
MSD – distributor
MSD – tach adaptor
MSD – coil
MSD – coil bracket
Polished and Clear Powdercoated Torker 2 Intake
Polished Demon Carb
Polished Hy-Tek Dual Air Cleaner
Centerforce Flywheel (Balanced to Rotating Assembly
Centerforce Clutch and Pressure Plate
Pilot Bushing
HV Fuel Pump
Polished and Clear Powdercoated Motor Mounts
HV - Water Pump
March Serpentine Pulleys

Any questions Call Me...909-374.8656
Thanks...Please PM me with a price.

Originally posted by Mark M:
I have 351C engine out of a 71 Pantera if you get a buyer that wants a mostly stock engine for a great price to go with your car. I'm just down the road from you in Rancho Cucamonga.

Good luck with the sale.
Originally posted by ItalFord:
RT66, Funny you should be interested in a trade for a Sanger Flat Bottom. I was once told that the Pantera is the Automotive equivalant. LOL

This is very true...Its personality disorder that we all have...Planes, bikes, hot rods, boats, things that suck pop blow and go... all come to mind. lol
Not sure if he is on the board or not...but he has had several Pantera's in the past.
Knows the car well.

Thanks...I'll miss it...but there's always tomorrow. I'll be back.

Originally posted by garth66:
Congrats on selling your car! Is the new owner on this board? Hope to see it back on the road soon.
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