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Here’s some info on my friend Steve’s (panterasteve72) cars. I met him in western Canada during our Rocky Mountain Rumble Pantera cruise a few years ago.

I was blown away by his ’72 project.

A few of you had asked for more info about Steve’s car in my post about my new build of XXXX

So I’m starting this post for Steve. He can build super cars (he does all the mechanical - even the body and paint by himself) but resizing pics to post on this board is beyond him. Wink

So here’s the first couple of pics of his crazy ’72 (3957) that blew me away when I first saw it.


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Sorry, I don't have any videos of it. I have not driven it yet after the mods as it is now in getting painted. And yes, it was a lot of work, but I had fun doing it. It is not that I like yellow, although it was yellow when I bought it. Changed it to red for 12 years then back to yellow many years ago. I have had it since '82. The 74 is supposed to be yellow on the tag, and the Viper was yellow when I bought it. Just happened that way.
I did it just to try it. A "just because" thing. It is really comfortable. I had a block of aluminum and went to work. drilled and tapped it, and it screws onto the stock shift lever and is held by two set screws. As you can see by the car, I always try something different. I just rest my arm on the consol and the shifter is an easy reach. I may not keep it as it was an experiment to begin with. I also have a very short handle, delrin I beleive, that goes down over the original shift lever quite a bit but it is harder to be comfortable with.

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