Does anyone have their rear glass out to create a cardboard template for a glass shop? My glass cracked after the shop removed it and then tossed it before getting the shape. Or if anyone knows someone possessing a template...Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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Heck Steve,

The shop messed this up, you didn't.

I'd give them the number to Wilkinson, P.I. or your favorite vendor and tell them to handle it.

They should have insurance to cover this, or the common business courtesy to handle it on their own without having you do their legwork.

Larry - Tired of vendors-shops-businesses that don't know how to properly treat their customers.
My glass guy broke my rear window when it was pulled and he had a new one made for me.
I could trace it out and send it to you.
my e-mail ir
Please note that there are two different versions of the rear glass. One has a "flatter" arc to the bottom than the other.

Steve, depending on what kind of Pantera owner you are, PPC-Reno sells a polycarbonate plastic rear window that fits either size rear opening, is lighter and easier to handle and is cheaper to buy and to ship. Not stock, obviously.
Busted rear windows usually happen when a shop (or an owner) tries doing an engine change without first looking at the FAQs that say 'pull the distributor cap and the Weber carbs (if installed) before lifting & tilting the engine, or broken glass will result'.

Please note-I don't work for any vendor but I do keep up with whats available from them, for all our benefits.
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