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After slow progress over MANY years, 8MA1010 finally has paint and is back home in full assembly mode  I'm elated and will share details later when there's a bit more free time on hand!!   Wanted to ask now tho if anyone has dimensions for the Mangusta 'chrome' headlight trim pieces (see photos), which were always missing on my car.  I ASSUME they are formed from polished aluminum but maybe thin stainless instead?

Per the few photos I've seen, the cross section of the trim looks like a modified letter "U", one short leg and one long.  I'm curious about the cross-section 'thickness' of the "U" and the lengths of the legs. ...(just realized that from a front view the trim pieces looks like a modified U's also....but it's only the cross section dimensions that I'm looking for)

Also some photos suggest they are each attached with 3 small screws, others seem to show only 2.  Appreciate any reality check!


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  • 20240216
  • Goose headlight trim
  • headlight trim detail
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Thanks Eldon!!  A few photos at your convenience (one side or the other) would be great (....I assume they're mirror-images).  I could annotate them to highlight the measurements in question so that should be easy.  Definitely curious if they are stainless or aluminum too.

That DOES look like a serious Mangusta parts bonanza there!  Hopefully you're making headway on the inevitable chassis 'punch list', so you can get them back on the car soon   Regards, Nate

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