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This car is never ending, but fun!

Removed my oil pan to fix an oil leak. Cleaned out the pan to find the dipstick tube, some aftermarket polished example, had snapped off and was lying in the pan. So went to replace the dipstick tube to find I need to remove thermostat pipe to get the old tube out.

I have a Shaw T-stat on hand as well as a stat that came with a Hall coolant host kit. I pulled the old stat out and now not sure what to do. The T-stat housing is an aftermarket tube. I’m thinking could be Hall as well. The T-stat that came out has a ridge on the radiator side which slips tightly into a notch on the inside of the pipe. The T-stat from the Hall hose kit and the Shaw T-stat don’t have that ridge. Do you think there would be any issue using the Shaw T-stat, even though it doesn’t sit tightly in the pipe? I just don’t have an idea how the original T-Stat sit in the original water tube. I’m guessing when the two bolts are tightened down the compression keeps the T-stat from moving?



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Does your car have the brass restrictor plate that is mounted in the block?

It is a brass plate with a hole in it, that the thermostat “hat” rides in.  You can just see the edge of it in Larry’s picture.

The thermostat you had is not a Cleveland style, so it’s possible someone put a block-off plate in as a replacement.


...The Thermostat on the Left, in Your Picture, With the Copper 'Skirt', is the Correct Stat to use in the 351 Cleveland. I produced it and sold it to You! The Other Two Stats are for Totally Different Engines, and will NOT perform the Job Required of it. Just Take My Word for It.

One last Tip...You'd Better Double-Up on those Hose-End Clamps, through the Entire System, Or You will Learn the Reason WHY!! One Clamp WILL Leak, Two Clamps CAN'T. Also, The Crud that has accumulated on the Removed Stat, Shows, Your Entire Coolant System Requires a Complete, and Thorough, Reversed, 'Flush-Out'. That Crap has, More than Likely, Already Clogged Sections of Your Radiator. FWIW


P.S. You Will find, the Thermostat Fits Perfectly in It's Counterbore, in the BLOCK!!

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