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All this wheel talk on the forum has gotten to me. I’ve been toying with the idea of having a set of Campys made in my existing wheel and tire size. It won’t be cheap so I’m looking for a little help.

Since my car was originally a US GTS, when I did the car what I had in mind cosmetically was what I considered to be some soft updates that made the car somewhat more contemporary in appearance but not overdone and true to the marque. So, I welded and smoothed the rockers and various other body seems, installed small chin spoiler, blacked out all stainless/chrome, chucked the L bumpers and riveted on GTS flares, added Euro bumpers and steel versions of the GTS flares, lowered the car and filled up the wheel wells. I still need to get the stock engine screen back on the car and have the induction system to do so, but I digress.

Quella did the body work and Kinesis wheels are a signature of sorts for him. Initially I wasn’t too enthused when he suggested them but they grew on me. So on went a set of polished K29s, 19”x 11” rear and 18” x 9” front; Michelin Pilot Sport Rubber, 345/30/ZR19 Rear and 265/35/ZR18 front. I like them and definitely like the size proportion and wheel well fill.

However, being a long time fan of the Pantera there are several aspects of the car that I just can’t seem to get used to doing without and those are Ansa exhaust cans (wish I could get over this for a performance sake) and Campy wheels. I actually even had a set of 17” Billet Campys on the car before the body work was done. So I’m still drawn back to the what if of the original concept for the car. So here’s my request for help and few questions.

Can anyone Photoshop in Campys where the K29s are and work the proportion of the wheel center similar to the 19s” and 18s” maintaining the sidewall height of the tires? They need to be argent silver, not polished.

Is anyone aware of a vendor that has made the Campy clones in 19s” and 18s”? Not sure a 17” billet center on a bigger dish would suit. I figure the likely candidates are Coddington and Wilkinson.

Thanks in advance for any help.



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